Hempberry Love

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Only 8 more days until I get my new camera!!  I decided to go with the red.  The vote was pretty much unanimous.  I agree with all of you:  it is the most stylish, sassy color.  Plus, I can find it easily in the dark depths of my purse that way!   I can’t wait to take some awesome pics and be done with these awful phone pics!  Speaking of awful phone pics…


We picked some of these up for Snuffy last weekend and she loves them!  She got the strawberry +PB flavor and gives them 5 stars. 

How do I know that my 1 year old gives them 5 stars? The entire time she is chewing she says,”Nummy, nummy!”


They come in four flavors, one of which is Blueberries and Oatmeal!

Do you want to try something new?  Check out this giveaway for some new tasty treats!

In other news…

I have discovered a new delicious oat combination!

First, I cook my oats in the microwave as usual.  Then, I make ’em a lil sweeter by using Katie’s Melted Banana Trick


Next, I add some protein


Ingredients: Organic hemp protein powder, organic fair trade evaporated cane juice, organic vanilla flavour.

Soy Free. Gluten Free. Hexane Free.
Contains no additives or preservatives

I love this protein powder!  I had never tried hemp protein until I found this at Whole Foods a few months ago.   The manager of the department it was stocked in actually gave it to me as a sample!  The entire container! 

After I mix in a scoop of that vanilla hemp love, I add 1/2 cup of blueberries


Hello, antioxidants!

But  wait , there’s more!


Gotta have some cool, creamy Vanilla Stonyfield Organic Yogurt in there!  I use a whole single serving container.


I admit it’s not so pretty all mixed up.  It is tasty though!

Hemp protein has so many nutritional benefits!  I really like that it gives omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, 10 essential amino acids and antioxidants!  So, this bowl of oats was a double whammy in the antioxidant department.

Speaking of nutrition, check out this giveaway for a free subscription to Nutrition Action!

If you have been following my blog, you have  seen that Mallard tends to request “guy food” about once every week.  (Why can’t guys like him eat healthy whole foods?)

Anyway, this weekend Mallard is going camping with the guys and he requested what we like to call “Hockey Pucks”

Since, the guys are not at all concerned with nutritional content of these treats and they are opposed to natural PB, I saved some cash by using these


These are so easy.  Just spread…




And dip!


I dipped some in milk chocolate, some in white chocolate and a few in both!





Snuffy kept asking me for “bites” while I was making these.  So, I brought out her peanut butter.


and gave her a very classy snack


 Organic PB +Spoon

She was a fan.

All this peanut butter reminds me of someone…

What’s your favorite way to eat peanut butter?  Do you like to mix it into oats?  Maybe you prefer it right out of the jar as Snuffy does!

Is HEMP a part of your diet? 

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Food Combing Faux Pas and Changes On The Horizon

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Like the seasonal Starbucks menu, all things must change.  But, before we get to those changes, how was your Labor Day weekend?  Mine was fairly mellow.  We bought Snuffy some new shoes at the outlet mall on Friday, I worked Saturday, then Sunday we went to Babies R Us to look for baby gifts.  I swear everyone seems to be expecting lately! 

While we were at Babies R Us, we found these !

Organic Lollipops!

Organic Lollipops!

Snuffy gave them 5 stars!  I tried the pomegranite flavor and it was awesome!  I like things really sweet and these certainly fit the bill.

Mallard asked for more carnivorous creations this weekend…another Giant Pizza Roll

I used a refridgerated pizza crust because that’s what the crazy man prefers!


I spread about 1/2 cup of sauce onto the crust and topped with mozzerella.

Then I added Mallard’s favorite pizza topping



I rolled it all together and pressed the seams of the dough tightly closed.  Then, I scored the top and sprinkled more mozzerella

I baked at 425 until it was dark golden brown (Mallard’s preference)


I couldn’t even get a pic before Mallard cut into this bad boy!

Now for the changes at hand…

First of all, Snuffy’s babysitter is due…well, today with her third child.  So, Snuffy will have to go to the daycare center near our home for a few weeks.  She has been there before for two days while our regular babysitter was on vacae.  She seemed to do fine.  But, they don’t provide the MOST nutritious meal.  Sure, there is usually a fruit or veggie involved.  But, snacks include “juice” made of non-organic fruit and who knows what else.  Sugar cookies and preservative-filled grahams are other frequent snack stars.  The meals are okay by dietetic standards.  Some of the meals I would prefer not to give my lil one:  BBQ pork because I don’t know what kind of chemicals and “crap” are in the sauce and in the meat.  The other meal that I don’t really want to give Snuff is their ravioli as I’m sure it’s generic canned …junk.  So, I wanted Snuffy to have a nutritious lunch without feeling like she is not getting what the other kids have.  Solution?  Same idea, different version!

On Ravioli Day (tomorrow) I packed Snuffy the same meal on the menu only in a junk-free version


Snuffy kept asking for bites as I was packing her lunch. So, she tried this cold (I felt like a bad mom).  But, she loved it!  I have to say, it’s not bad.  Yes, it’s a bit more expensive than Chef you-know-who.  However, she can get at least three meals out of a can since she eats it with a fruit and a vegetable!  For her lunch, I packed a Snuffy serving of ravioli, a serving of peas and a serving of oranges.  It was exactly what was on the menu for the other kids 🙂

She even got a cool , new lunch bag that she picked out!


When I bought it, I didn’t look at it closely.  I thought it was an eco-friendly BUILT lunch bag like mine.  But, looking closer, I noticed that the tag says it’s made by BUILT but I don’t think it’s made of eco-friendly materials…lunch bag fail.

Oh well! I also got Snuffy some an alternative to the unhappy pork with mystery BBQ sauce0906092226

Whole Foods had a coupon for this in The Whole Deal this month so it was an easy and inexpensive alternative!

 I also packed some junk-free snacks for Snuffy to keep at daycare.


These were another change for Snuffy.   She love them though! She was on a hunger strike on Sunday until I opened a box of Bunny Grahams!


You must know that Snuff can’t survive without Cheddar Bunnies

She’s cool like that


As I had told you in a previous post, I have been in a bit of a food rut lately. 

So, I took advantage of the Whole Deal coupon for these


I swear I have seen these on Jenna’s blog.  But, I can’t seem to find the exact post.

And now for NEW NUT BUTTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!


 I had some samples of this from Starbucks a few months ago and I really liked it!  I didn’t want squeeze packs though due to the waste of packaging and I finally found it in a jar!! Plus, I haven’t been able to find Mighty Maple anywhere!  Does anyone know what is going on with that?  It was my fave.  But, Justin’s Maple AB may replace it.

And now for the star of the show


I didn’t even know this existed until I saw it on the shelf!  I can’t wait to try it.  Reviews to come!

If you have read my blog lately, you have seen how much I love my nut butters. 


(Dark Chocolate Dreams+Cashew Butter+Naturally More)

You may also notice that I almost always pair nut butters with fruit and veggies


Well, I have been having some major tummy aches in the mornings.  I have begun to wonder if it has anything to do with my last snack of the evening which is usually nut butter and fruit or veggies.  I know that it’s not the best thing to be eating in the evening.  But, it’s become a staple in my evening unwinding.  Digging deeper, I found some info on food combining while reading Gena’s blog.  According to food combining guidelines, fruit should be eaten by itself and on an empty stomach.  Could this be the source of my tummy troubles?  The guidelines list vegetables as “neutral” which means they can be combined with any of the other food groups.  Am I destined to eat my nut butters with celery and carrots for the rest of my life?  I sure hope not!  But, I suppose I owe it to myself to change up the routine and see if bad food combining is the issue.  I am tired of feeling bloated and crampy in the morning…and NO I AM NOT PREGNANT.  I have an IUD for those of you who are wondering.  I won’t be having any more children any time soon as it lasts up to 10 years!

Moving on…

Check out a GIVEAWAY that will help you further your nutritional knowledge!

I picked up some new bars to try.  I’m just not a bar person.  I went through a phase when I ate a Kashi Go Lean Chewy bar every day when I went back to work after maternity leave.  I don’t now if I got burnt out on bars or I just like “real” food?  Either way, my days are so long most of the time that it’s not feasable for me to pack food for that long of a time period.  Also, there are so many bars on the market that are made with natural ingredients and no “junk”.  So, I thought I would give these a go.





And I picked up this guy on a whim


Hmm..75 percent organic, 100 calories…we’ll see how it goes.

I also made an effort to reduce my risk of breast cancer




I have been working with someone on a blog makeover!  The new and improved Whole Body Love will be up and running within a few weeks!  I will keep you updated.

Many of you have read about my anticipation of my birthday and the “birthday fairy”

It’s obvious that the camera on my phone is just NOT cutting it! I’m sure you noticed that all my pics are blurry and dark.  So, after speaking with the “birthday fairy” , I was informed that I will be getting a camera for my birthday.  I thought I may have to compromise on the camera I want.  But, since Mallard’s job is going decently well, I get the camera I want!  This means that after the nineteenth, there will be much better pictures on my blog.  In fact, once I get my new camera, I plan to photograph almost all of my eats and do more experimenting with new foods and recipes!  So, be prepared for food porn!


What color do you like?  I’m leaning toward GOLD but, RED would be easier to find in my purse.  What do you think?

Have you ever given any thought to the “food combining guidelines” or eating a high raw diet?


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Out Of The Loop and Into…A Rut?

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Hey weekend warriors!!  How was your weekend?  Mine began with a a great yoga class.  It lasted almost 30 minutes longer than it was supposed to!

But, I felt so relaxed and grounded after!


Seriously, is it possible to have a yoga high?


I have been wanting to go more often.  But, I was concerned about the difficulty of the yoga classes that will actually coincide with my fall schedule.  However, the instructors told me that I would have no problem moving on to a more difficult class.  I’m excited!  Eventually, I want to be in the habit of attending the HOT Vinyasa and Ashtanga classes.

After yoga, I picked up a few things that I had forgotten yesterday.  I was going to buy some more pink ladies.  But, I found some Gala apples that were actually grown in the US and they taste very similar.  I have issues with buying too many items shipped from overseas.  It’s not really a patriotic thing.  It’s more of a Save The Planet thing.  More shipping = more carbon emissions.  Not that I live such a model environmentally concious lifestyle.  I mean, I buy bananas every week!  I just try to make an effort. 

I did find this


Coconut Water = natures Gatorade

I have been craving some serious chocolate lately. 

Many moons ago, I would have reached right for some Oreos and skim milk (moo). 


But, now that I now that I am aware of what keep Oreos shelf -stable, I think I’ll pass. Did you know that they also contain artificial chocolate flavor? Wha??


So, I picked up these guys instead




Organic Unbleached Flour, Organic Sugar, Powdered Sugar, Organic Palm Oil, Canola Oil (Expeller Pressed), Organic Cocoa, Cocoa (Processed with Alkali), Organic Unsweetened Chocolate, Natural Flavor, Salt, Sodium Bicarbonate, Soy Lecithin, (an Emulsifier)

Not perfect, but better!

I have also run into a schedule issue.  I am on the run between school and work and meetings all day almost every day.  I love my eats but, I rarely have time to enjoy them.  I have never really been much of a bar fan.  For some reason, I would rather just make a small meal. But, it gets hard to pack 2 to 3 meals a day.  So, I reluctantly grabbed some bars to try.




I will let you guys know what I think about them soon.  I was looking for mine LARA Bars but, I couldn’t find them anywhere! Mini Laras and Mighty Maple PB have been wiped out of the ‘Nati!

I did get a chance to try this


It doesn’t have a definite soy taste.  But, I can tell it’s not dairy yogurt.  I really liked it!  I added it to my oats along with a serving (1 banana) of banana soft serve.


The weather in the ‘Nati has been rocking awesome today! So, we had to hit the trails!


Buckled up and ready to ride!

After the trails the puppies were still craving more outdoor excitement and so was Snuffy.  So, we hit up the dog park.


I swear there were dogs on the other side of the fence.  In the picture, it looks like Snuff is eyeballing that nasty trashcan.

We arrived home and Mallard was craving something peanut buttery.  He requested something with a granola-esque crust, a PB layer and chocolate drizzle. 

I can’t post a recipe because I just kind of eyeballed everything and made it up as I went along.

I mixed oats with about 1/2 cup of honey and 1/4 cup of this guy


and at least 1 cup of PB.  Now, if this was for me I would have used natural creamy PB…probably Naturally More or Bees Knees.  But, it was not for me so I used Mallard’s Natural Skippy Crunchy or Extra Chunky or whatever it’s called.


I baked it for maybe 10 minutes at 400



The fridge was packed so I ran a few inches of cold water in the sink and set the pan in the water so the crust could cool.  It floats so water doesn’t seep over the sides.


Once again, if this was mine I would have added dark chocolate drizzle and called it delicious.  But, it was not for me and Mallard requested a PB layer.  This meant he wanted something similar to the inside of a Reese’s cup or for you Ohioans, the inside of a buckeye.  So, kids, I did the unthinkable…

PB + confectioners sugar + oil


I spread it over the cooled crust.



Don’t forget, the man wanted chocolate drizzle!


and he got his drizzle.



Oh my sugar lovin’ boy! 

I guess I can’t talk.  He thinks my Indian food stinks


But he deals with it


I promise you it taste 5 million times better than it looks.  I can’t wait for the birthday fairy.  You know, the one that’s s’posed to bring me a decent camera?  That’s still about  3 weeks out though. 

I can’t believe it’s the second week of school already!  I had missed the regular school schedule.   But, going back made me realize how different I am from most girls my age.  I mean what 23 year old never goes to bars or clubs, rarely goes shopping or out to dinner and gets crazy excited to go to Whole Foods?  Sometimes Iwonder if I even know what’s in style anymore.  I think I do alright.  If I buy clothes, they are for work which means they’re from THE  LIMITED.  Do I dress like an old lady?  My casual stuff is from The Buckle…is that store still “cool”?  I have a few flowy, bohemian shirts that I love.  But, do they look stupid?  I don’t think I care.  I talk to one friend from high school on a regular basis.  Most of my friends did not get married or have children so young.  So, I am the odd woman out.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s absolutely worth it.   Sometimes, I feel like I have grown from my 20’s to my 40’s and missed the in-between.   It sure feels good to get back to the things I love.  Hopefully, I can start running again once my schedule gets situated.  I’m not saying that I want to go out with group of girls to the bars and clubs every weekend.  I would like a running buddy though! 

I’m also in a bit of a food rut.  I have been eating a lot of yogurt messes, oats with banana soft serve and yogurt, fruit plates with massive amounts of PB and AB, hugh jass salads and Amy’s meals.


Are there any bars that you recommend (besides my Laras)?

What do you do when you realize you’re in a food rut?

Do you stick with your old stand by’s when you want a treat or do you seek out a more natural version?

I’m looking forward to your thoughts!

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Calories: Quality or Quantity?

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Hello all!  I had a meeting recently that really got me thinking.  The topic discussed was something that interested me and provoked lots of questions.  Does that ever happen to you in meetings?  I suppose that sometimes the point is for you to come away from the discussion still thinking about the topic.  The topic was nutrition and calories.  So that you may better understand the context of the conversation, I must tell you that the people in attendance were recovering from disordered eating and that the main speaker was and RD (Registered Dietician).  

We started with an explanation of why the body needs each form of calories ( carbohydrate, protein, and fat).  Now most of us are aware that our bodies need all of these.  But, there has been a bit of a carb scare during the past few years much like the fat scare in years prior.

  I must also advise you that one of the prominent behaviors of those suffering from an eating disorder is not only to restrict calories but also to restrict to only certain foods.  

 The dietician did advise that whether one is eating  a low-carbohydrate or low-fat  diet, it is calories in versus calories out that will determine whether you gain, lose, or maintain your weight.  The example given was :  If your body needs 1800 calories every day and you are eating 1600 calories a day in fried funnel cake you will still eventually lose weight.  In that same respect, if your body needs those 1800 calories every day and you eat 2000 calories every day in broccoli, you will eventually gain weight.  Basically, the point was that your body doesn’t care where your calories are coming from when it comes to maintaining your weight.  The dietician was aware that most of these girls had a lot of  foods that they were fearful to eat.  In the beginning of eating disorder recovery,  maintaining weight is a primary concern since most ED patients have trouble breaking the cycle of losing weight.  She made these comments so that the girls knew if they are having trouble maintaining weight and are still having trouble adding different foods, they can still eat enough calories in broccoli, oranges, or whatever their “safe” foods were to maintain their weight or even to bring it up. 

We all know that there are people who live entirely on junk and maintain a healthy weight.  But, that does NOT mean these people are healthy.   Brendan Brazier does a great job of explaining the value of nutritionally dense food in his book.  Our bodies do need foods from each group.  That is the bottom line.  But, for me ( and most of you ) that’s not enough.  Our diets should be a combination of protein, carbs, and fats.  A good portion of those carbohydrates should come from fruits and veggies.  Yes, fruits are carbs and so are most vegetables even if the vegetable does not have a high carbohydrate content.  So, protein, fats and carbs using whole grains, lean proteins and plant based food.  That’s a pretty basic pyramid.  However, there is more to it than that.  We need our Omegas too!  This is where we bring in our nuts, oils, fish, seeds and avocados!!  I have discovered great ways to add these healthy fats into my diet through the blog world.  But, my very favorite way to get good fat and protein is through nut butters.  I eat between 3 and 4 servings of nut butters every day.  That’s roughly 6-8 tablespoons.  When other women hear this they tend to look at me as if I have 3 eyes.   “If I ate that much peanut butter, I would be the size of a house!”, they say as they munch on their nutritionally void 100 calorie packs.  But, the truth is that  I’m not  “as big as a house”.  I’m not even close, I’m at the low end of my healthy weight range. I won’t post the number since it may be triggering to some bloggers and friends 🙂 

We know that our carbohydrate choices should involve whole grains as well as fruits and vegetables.  I like to stick with sprouted tortillas and breads or grains that look very similar when we eat them to what they do when they are growing.  I am talking about quinoa, brown rice, steel cut or regular oats and so on.  Of course many other nutrients come into play too.   We must consider antioxidents, vitamins and so much more.   I get most of my nutrition advice from the RD that was in that meeting and from another RD I know.


Do I allow myself the occasional indulgence?  Absolutely!  But, it has to be something that I really love and really want to eat.

This past weekend, my mother-in-law came to watch Snuffy on Saturday.  She loves sweets and always raves over my baked goods (hopefully, she’s not just trying to be nice).  So, I made on of her favorites:  banana bread.  Now, I could easily have healthified this recipe.  (It was straight out of my BHG cookbook that I recieved as a gift from Mallard when we were newly engaged…yes, it is the pink one.)   But, like her son, Mallard’s mom often requests “the original recipe”.  You see, I wasn’t always such a healthy baker and many of my family members and co-workers remember a specific treat that I have made in the past that they loved. 

So, I peeled my bananas …


Notice, the banana is “upside down”.  I learned to peel my bananas this way from Gena’s blog!  It’s much easier, especially when one is peeling 5 bananas for bread.

Mash and mix!



And the finished product


My MIL was in love. 

 Snuffy has been sick and refusing to eat! For most toddlers this may be normal but, Snuffy normally eats like it’s her job.  She did ask for “bites” of banana bread though.

On Sunday, Mallard had fantasy football draft day!! So, he requested guy food. 

Translation of guy food:  carnivorous, preferably high in saturated fat and not at all good for one’s body but, utterly delicious to the male palate.

What was his selection?  Sausage balls and a man-sized pizza roll!

For the sausage balls, I mix 2 cups of baking mix, 1 roll of sausage , and 3 cups of shredded cheddar.


Yup, that’s my beloved Kitchen-Aid mixer covered in animal fat….I am reminded of why I eat a vegetarian diet. 

I popped them in the oven at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes and wah lah!



Saturated Animal Fat : check!

I didn’t get pix of the pizza roll 😦  But, I will tell you how I make it since it’s more of an idea the a recipe.

  I spray a cookie sheet with non-stick spray and stretch a refridgerated pizza crust to about 11in by 9in.  I like to make my own pizza crust per this recipe.  Mallard prefers Pillsbury 😉

Next, I spread about 1/2 cup of pizza sauce to about 1in from the edges of the crust and sprinkle 2 cups of shredded mozzerella . Mallard likes pepperoni and I stick with sauce , goat cheese and veggies.

Next, I start at at short side and roll it up. I wish I had the pix as this is a bit of a tricky process. Once it’s rolled, I pinch the seam closed and fold over the ends before pinching them closed as well. 

I brush the top with a bit of olive oil and sprinkle about 1/4 cup of the mozzerella over the roll.  Then, I bake it at 425 for 20 to 25 minutes.

 Once it cools, I slice into 1 inch servings.  I always set out extra sauce for dipping.

Enough of the guy food! Onto my new favorite oats!

Most of you have probably run accross the banana soft serve by now.

 Well, it did change my life.  I used to freeze my extra ripe bananas and then microwave them and mash them into my cooked oats.  No more! 

Enter Magic Bullet


This guy is on his last leg but he manages to whip some frozen ‘nanas into shape!



Next step, add to cooked oats.



Yogurt, courtesy of Stonyfield’s happy, grass fed cows!



All together



Another tasty snacklet



3/4 cup Fage mixed with 1 tsp honey, 1/2 cup mixed fruit  and 1/2 cup Kashi Go Lean Honey Almond Flax…

It is divine.

… and here is the staple of my evenings


This was a mixture of Naturally More with flax, White Chocolate Wonderful and Maranath Raw Almond Butter.

With celery, apples and pears MMMmmmmmmmm


Hey I have told you guys how much I love nutbutters.

Up Next:  This Fun Lil Questionaire Floating Around The Blog World!

I Want –  to be the best possible version of myself.  I want to be healthy and happy.  I want to be a good mother.

I Have – A lot of hope for the future.

I Wish – I was closer to being finished with school!

I Hate –  leaving Snuffy at the babysitter so often during the school year.

I Fear –   the day when Mallard’s beloved pup passes away…that will be a tough day.

I Hear – the fireworks from King’s Island every darn night.

I Search –  my soul for my true wants and needs.

I Wonder –  what the future will bring!

I Regret –  not putting forth my very best effort the first year that I attended college at SIU in 2004

I Love – watching my daughter grow!

I Ache –  When Snuffy is sick and I have no control over her suffering.

I Always –  try to step back and weigh my options before making a big decision.

I Usually – do my hair the same way almost every day…boring.

I Am Not – afraid to be a strong woman.

I Dance – when Snuffy and I are alone at home!

I Sing – because it makes me feel great!

I Never –  wear my old high school cheerleading shirts when I know I will see other moms.

I Rarely – drink pop (soda)

I Cry –  when I am extremely frustrated.

I Am Not Always – so personable before 7 am.

I Lose – my inhibitions if I have too many glasses of wine…this is why I rarely drink 🙂

I’m Confused –  about what is the right decision sometimes

I Need – a large sum scholarship!

I Should –  go to bed much earlier than I do!

I Dream –  about all of the wonderful things my future may hold!

I hope – that I can raise my 3.4 to a 4.0 GPA this semester!

I feel –  much older than 23!

I appreciate –  My family and of course my fellow bloggers and readers…I ❤ you guys!


Do you have carnivorous, processed food lovers in your life?  How do you co-exist?

What is your favorite evening snack?

Do you give thought to the quality of your calories?

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Cookie Monsters

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Hey guys!  So, in my last post I told you that we have a luncheon coming up at work.  Well, today I had multiple requests for specific cookies that I have brought into the office previously.  You see, before I went back to school, I would bring homemade baked goods to work at least once a week.  This wasn’t just a dozen or so muffins or cookies either.  I made cakes, candies, cookies, cheesecake…etc, and I made enough for the entire department.  I just love to bake/cook.  The requests for the luncheon were all cookie requests.  None of these cookies are my healthy recipes unfortunately.  But, I will give the people what they want!! lol I would say this is because cookies are portable and easy to take back to one’s desk or wrap up for later for the kids.  The first request was for my frosted soft sugar cookies.  The sugar cookie recipe that I use is a family recipe which means it’s TOP SECRET!!!  No, not really.  I love you guys -so if you feel like something soft and sweet, I won’t deprive you.

Grandma Rose’s Sugar Cookies

2/3 cup shortening

3/4 sugar

1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

1 egg

4 tsp. milk (why 4 tsp. I do not know she has just always done it that way lol)

2 cups sifted all purpose un-bleached flour

1 tsp. baking powder

1/2 tsp baking soda

1/4 tsp salt

Pre-heat oven to 375 and spray cookies sheets with non-stick spray.  Sift dry ingredients into a large bowl and set aside.  With an electric hand mixer or stand mixer ( I use my Kitchen Aid), cream together shortening, sugar and vanilla.  Add milk and egg and mix until fluffy.  Add dry ingredients in small portions until incorporated. But, be careful not to over-mix.  You don’t want “tough cookies”.  Divide dough in half, wrap in wax paper and  chill for 3 hours or overnight.  (Sometimes I do that sometimes I put it in the freezer for 5 minutes.)  Roll one half of the dough onto a lightly floured surface and cut into desired shapes. 


The original recipe says to roll it to 1/4 in thickness.  I make mine a little thicker.  Place shaped cookies on sheet and bake for 8-10 minutes.  I like to underbake mine slightly.  But, that’s all preference.  Remove them from the oven and let them cool.  Frost with your favorite homemade or store bought frosting and enjoy!!


The second cookie request was for gooey butter cookies.  These a decadent and so easy to make!  You can view the recipe here



The third request is for a recipe that I have devised from my own preferences.  I use this as my go-to quick and yummy recipe for BBQ’s and family gatherings.  I originally adaapted it from Better Homes and Gardens.  But, after omitting the oatmeal and adding more flour, taking out the nuts and adding lots of chocolate chips and doubling the PB.  I feel like I have kind of adopted it.  Yes, I do mean adopted not adapted.  This time, I also added a finely chopped Kashi bar…



I used to eat a Chewy Kashi Go Lean bar for lunch almost every day!  They seriously taste like candy bars.  Not to say that they are junk.  I don’t think that.  But, I am moving farther away from processed foods.  These bars also taste like candy bars for a reason.  They have a decent amount of sugars and a few preservatives. 

Did I indulge in some cookie goodness? No.  I see no problem with the occasional indulgence.  To me, that indulgence should be something special.  It should be something that I’m not able to have all the time: my Nan’s homemade chocolate pie,  freshly made dessert at an organic restaurant, a dessert made from seasonal ingredients that are only freshly available for a short time.  The cookies that I made today are something that I could whip up any time that I choose.  I have the recipes memorized.  This, to me, is not worth the indulgence.  But, please don’t deprive yourself all of the time or beat yourself up when you eat something for the taste and the way it makes you feel!  Life is too darn short.  😉

So, you know I want to know…especially from a certain RD….what do you guys think about occasional indulgences?  How has your treat philosophy changed over the years?


Once again, I am sorry for the blurry pics.  I can’t wait to get a new camera! Two months until my birthday!!


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Hello, friends!  I apologize for this short post.  We are dealing with some personal/family issues that took up a considerable portion of my day.  At this point, I don’t believe including details of this matter in my posts would be helpful.  I do intend to share more with all of you once I work through this for a little while.  Now, on to happy thoughts!   I worked this morning and then I was off to campus.  One of my favorite Psych professors told me that he was retiring.  Well, he said that Xavier is “re-organizing” and offered him an early retirement.  I have to say I was a lil bummed.  The fact that the university has let go of a some staff is frustrating.  A big reason for me to attend Xavier is the small class sizes.  But, I suppose many universities are doing some “re-organizing” these days. 

I concocted a snack of mixed veggies, hummus, Amy’s BBQ and wasa flat bread.


The Wasa bread had VERY short ingredient list


They added a nice crunch to the mix.  Plus, I love rye!



Lunch included this wrap: TJ’s ww flax  tortilla with Amy’s pinto beans, fresh baby spinach, organic sour cream…I guess it was more of a burrito?


Obviously, I haven’t been posting pics of EVERYTHING I eat.  But, I would like to once I get my own camera.  I have heard or…read other bloggers say that it’s a pain.  But, I think in some cases, it may be a good way to stay aware of what one is putting into her body and it makes healthy food even more fun!

When I got home, I made Snuffy some dinner and gave her a bath (I know, BORING).   Later, Snuff went to her crib.  Then, I made my low-carbin’ Mallard some down home devilled eggs.  I am not a huge fan of mayo + eggs yolks (ewwwwww!).  In fact, I grew up with Miracle Whip ( mayo’s low-cal, processed cousin).  However, I DO love to cook for my Mallard.  I use a basic recipe of boiled eggs, mayo, vinegar, mustard and paprika ( for visual appeal).  I toss this combo in my kitchen aid and let it do the work!



Next, I put the mixture in a large re-closable freezer bag ( I don’t have a pastry bag 😦  ) and snip a hole in one end to fill the empty egg whites.


Wah Lah! Low-Carb Lovelies! I can’t wait for Mallard to be off of this diet…mayo and egg yolks….(shutter)


QUESTION:  Do you ever feel like the odd woman out when it comes to eating nutritiously? 

I work with so many people who suffer from everything from diabetes and high B/P to fatique and depression but don’t care to give their bodies the nutrition they need.

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Virgin Golfer

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Hey guys! I’ve missed you so!  Hope you all had a fantastic Fourth!  We didn’t do much because Ms. Snuffy was a bit under the weather which = no sleep for Swan.  Oh well!  This morning Snuffy and I did our weekly grocery shopping.  I know it seems like I just posted groceries.  But, to be fair it was a day or two after we had actually gone.  Today we visited Whole Foods (of course!) and Wal-Mart (cringe!).  We had to go for Mallard.  Hey, after 3 years I have finally gotten him to switch to natural PB…that is an accomplishment!  You may also see his beloved Sweet n Low in the background of some of my pics today.  Wal-Mart was the only store that had his fave ranch dressing.   Plus, I found these neat flax pitas there!


The ingredient list didn’t look too bad.  So, we will see!

At Whole Foods we found some of my favorite nut butters and some agave and coconut oil for some new recipes that I want to try!


We also had to grab some produce.  I swear we go through bananas like water around here!


…and a new brand of spinach that I have never tried!


I saw the word locally and then I realized it was just the brand name because this is actually grown in Maine. 😦

I replenished our dairy/non-dairy section of the fridge as well.  There is coconut milk too that you can’t see in the pic


Oh and I guess my TJ’s almond butter made it in there…love that stuff!

I also got some TVP for recipesDo any of you use this or have good recipes for it?


Have you guys ever tried this?  I am weening myself off artificial sweetener and I am out of Stevia.  Any thoughts on Truvia?


 I was delighted to find a plethora of Annie’s BBQ flavors! I chose this one. But, I am not letting myself open it until I finish the one I’ve got. DSC01096

My most exciting purchase was…………………………………………………………..



My very first shaker! Complete with sample goodies!! I can’t wait to use it!

DSC01101   DSC01100

After we got home from our grocery excursion, Snuffy took a nap.  Then, Mallard took us to the driving range!  Snuffy nor I had ever been.  That’s right, I had never even held a driver until today! Neither had Snuffy lol.  Mallard gave us some pointers.


I have to admit that I was not so great.  I only made contact with the ball a few times.

DSC01049  DSC01050

But, I had fun and that’s what counts, right? 

Snuffy had a good time as well. DSC01039



Snuffy did eventually get a lil hungry and a lot cranky.  We decided to call it quits.  When we got home I gave her one of these yummy lil delicias that I made using a recipe from Carrots n Cake!  Snuff loves them!


Next, I set out to bake some of Veggie girl’s famous blondies!  I used some locally made apple butter for the fruit spread.  DSC01067

I also used ww pastry flour because I didn’t have gluten free. 😦


I did have molasses that I hadn’t tried yet


Unfortunately, they weren’t vegan since I added white chips to them.  Mallard loves White Chocolate.  Yes, I have tried to explain that most white chocolate is mostly non-food but, it’s a lost cause, kids.  Anyway, the blondies turned out well.  They had a slight cinnamon apple flavor due to the apple butter and the white chocolate actually complimented that flavor nicely.


While I was baking, I sipped on a venti no-classic black tea with light ice…say that five times fast!


Since Mallard has lost his mind and refused to listen to his Swan, he has started low-carb (cringe!).  Being a loving Swan, I made him a low carb cauliflower casserole.


It had cauliflower, organic sour cream, bacon, and loads of shredded cheese.  Hello heart attack!


My good deed may not go unnoticed(sp?).  While making fun of me for photographing my creations, Mallard insinuated that the Birthday Fairy may bring me a camera that I want!  I looked at  a couple today and I think I want one with at least 10 megapixels and 4 or 5x zoom.  What do you guys think?

What camera would you reccommend? 



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