Running For Health or Fooling Yourself?

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Happy Tuesday!  I enjoyed reading the responses to my last post on  calories.  In fact, I think I enjoyed those comments more than the comments on any post thus far!

How many of you are students? 

  I am 23 and I am still a student. path to graduation has had a few unexpected detours 🙂


But, they were worth it!

Anyway, this week is my first week of Fall Semester.  The only class I’m not so keen on is my lab…I hate labs. 

I really do like all of my professors.  My Anatomy and Physiology Prof. is my fave.  He’s fair and he makes himself available for questions at any time.  In fact, he put his cell number on the board today and told the class to text him if we had questions about an upcoming exam or if it’s easier than e-mailing when we’re going to be absent.  He also told us a little about his family.  He has 3 kids and has been with his wife since high school.  (I would say he’s in his late 40’s now). 

Why am I talking so much about this professor?  Well, he told us that he has run 9 marathons including the New York City Marathon the year that P.Diddy  ran it!  The prof’s wife runs with him now, too.  I expected him to speak about how much he loves running.  Instead he said, “I hate running.  Seriously, I only do it so I don’t get huge.”

This made me wonder how many people run just to keep their weight in check.  I know that many of us just love running.  But, do we really love it?  How about you?  Do you love the way you feel while you run or do you love that feeling of accomplishment after you run?  Do you run for the “runner’s high”?  Maybe we’re fooling ourselves.  Possibly we think we love the feeling of accomplishment and endorphins.  But, what we really like is knowing we just burned x amount of calories and boosted our metabolisms.  Or it could be that we do it because we know it’s good for our bodies and we have bamboozled ourselves into thinking we just love to run.  Another possibility is that, like my professor, we love food and we run to offset our indulgences.  This reminds me of Heather’s post regarding the correlation between exercise and eating habits. 

I like the way I fell while I’m running…about half the time.  There are times when I have to use motivational self-talk to get through.  However, I LOVE the way I feel after a run EVERY TIME!  Of course I also like the health aspect of running.



Another mountain of nut butters!


White Chocolate Wonderful, Naturally More with flax and Maranatha Raw Almond Butter (creamy)

With some friends

0824092350  Two Ripe Juicy Peaches, celery, One Pear

And a Pink Lady


I have also been grabbing grapes on the go! Snuffy tried a sample of these at Kroger and I ended up buying a bunch because they kept her so happy in the cart.


and of course my favorite Amy’s Meal


Roasted Vegetable Enchilada!

I always make a mess of it before I devour it.  It’s very primal, I think. 


Like an animal who kills their prey before she eats it;) 

Before I go, I want to know whatcha think!

Do you run?

Do you do it for health?  Do you like the feeling you have while you run or after you run? 

What made you begin running?  Do you use it as a weight management tool?

I showed you mine, now you show me yours! What’s your favorite Amy’s meal?

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