Pumpkin Pie Oats At Last!

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It’s been so long!  I’ve missed you!  I promised to post more often when I got my camera and I intend to keep that promise 😉 

 This week, I have spent a lot of time with my new best friend


Study Study Study!  Pedro helped.


It’s just hard for him to understand the A & P terms since Spanish is his first language.

I arrived 20 minutes early for class on Tuesday and I could not find a parking spot anywhere! After driving back and forth through the lots for those 20 minutes, I finally found a spot.

Too bad I didn’t know it was in a residential lot not a commuter lot


I found this when I returned to my car later.  The lot did not have a sign at the entrance stating that it was for Residential Parking.  I only had 48 hours to pay this bad boy.  So, I planned to try to get the campus police to lower it to a warning.  I have to be at work right after class on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I had to wait until before my Thursday classes to visit the campus police.  I arrived 30 minutes early just to be sure I had time to run by the police “station” today.  It was raining like crazy!  Get this:  I couldn’t even find a place to park so that I could walk to the police station to speak with them about my parking ticket!  I drove through the lots for that full half hour.  I finally found a place to park so that I could go to class and I was late!  After class, I had no time to go to the police station once again so I have to just suck it up and pay the ticket 😦

Have you ever gotten a parking ticket? 

In other news, I cut my finger while cutting Snuffy’s banana in half on Tuesday.


I guess I was just having “one of those days”

There is some good news.  I got a 100% on my math test!


You may notice (or you may not care) that my hair is almost always pulled back these days.  This is because it’s in an in-between stage. 

 Last winter, I had my friend, Becky give me a short, textured bob


and I loved it! But, it took a lot of time to style in the mornings.  Have you noticed that short hair tends to take longer?

So, now I am growing my hair out.  I get it trimmed every 6-8 weeks.  It just had soooo many layers when it was short that it looks so boring when I leave it down.

It does go well with my college student/ baby mama look though…don’t ya think?


I swear I didn’t leave the house like this.  I have to dress up for work and I love to dress up! 

 But, sometimes when I get home, I just want to be comfortable and enjoy some comfort food!


I have seen Pumkin Oats all over the place lately!

I cooked my oats in water with 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla and used the infamous melted banana trick as usual. 

While the oats were hot out of the microwave, I stirred in the banana, 2 teaspoons of Grade A Maple Syrup

 and 1/3 cup pumpkin.


I sprinkled in a good amount of Pumpkin Pie Spice and Cinnamon.  It was reminiscent of my favorite Thanksgiving dessert.  Pumkin Pie is one of the few flavors of pie that I like.  I always had to have a dollop of Cool Whip atop mine! ( Now I know what’s in Cool Whip, no thanks!)

This was my Cool Whip substitute and it was far better than any HFCS laden, partially hydrogenated Whipped Topping!


I also used this dairy-free yogurt to mix with some blueberries for a simple, satisfying sweet-tooth tamer.


Sometimes 2 ingredients is all I need.

Other times…


Ginormous Yogurt Bowl!  Two Cups of Puffins, Two Scoops of Dark Chocolate Almond Spread, 1/2 Cup Chocolate Soy Milk and  a splash of Vanilla Coconut Milk….         YUM!

I go back and forth between the above pictured yogurt and Stonyfield Organic. Of course I waver between Oikos and Fage too.

Are you brand loyal?  Are there those few select items that have to be a certain brand?

There are also times when I crave savory flavors.  I tried an Amy’s Indian Wrap on Monday night.


I promise you, this tasted 5,000,000,000 times better than it looked!

Today, I forgot to pack my lunch!  As Snuffy says, “Uh Oh!”


I obviously don’t get to spend money on manicures these days.   

Do you add things like manicures and pedicures into your budget?

Anyway, I was starving between school and work.  The healthies and least expensive option was a grocery store salad bar.  As much as I love Whole Foods, I just couldn’t justify the expense since I have plenty of food at home that I should have packed.  So, I chose Bigg’s, a grocery store around the corner from my office.  I was actually impressed.  It doesn’t look like anything special but their produce was awesome!  The tomatoes and red peppers tasted like they were just picked from someone’s garden!!


I took note from this girl and mixed up some cottage cheese and ranch for my dressing.  My conclusion is that cottage cheese + ranch = pure joy!  I know Janetha uses the ranch packets (I think), chickpeas and a few other ingredients with hers.  But, this was delish!  Thanks for the idea!

What do you do when you have to grab a quick lunch? 

Check out this big prize giveaway going on until Friday!!

Love your body, it’s the best gift you’ve ever received!



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20 Responses to “Pumpkin Pie Oats At Last!”

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nice job on the test! and that tiedye shirt is stellar, why ever didn’t you go out in it?! cute poochie pic ❤ and YUMMO to the ranch+CC! you dont even need dressing. i need to get some pumpkin STAT

I was just talking about how I want a manicure for Christmas, haha, Nick just laughed at me. I guess he think Christmas is too far to be talking about it!

Great looking oats. I just had my first pumpkin oats a couple weeks ago..or last week…hmm..
Love the college baby mama look 🙂

When I want to grab a quick lunch I do a large bowl of cooked veggies with melted cheese, and a hand full of my homemade granola! It’s my favorite lunch. I usually have some peanut butter too 🙂

Sorry about the ticket – that sucks! 🙂

Love that first pic of you – its very model-esque 😉

Thanks for linkin’ 🙂

Ohh pumpkin oats are the best oats handsdown! You must try it with peanut butter..the flavors go perfect together!

Great job on your math test! That’s amazing!

And you have the most beautiful skin! what’s your routine like?

April, Thanks!! I use an exfoliating gentle scrub (usually biore) in the morning and at night. The exfoliation helps my skin so much! I switched my make-up from MAC to Bare Minerals about 6 months ago and I adore it! Since my days are so long, I have make-up on for at least 12 hours most days. So, using pure mineral make-up has helped tremendously. They also have a primer that I use and I intend to try their other products when I can afford them 😉 MAC has mineral make-up but it is minerals plus added fillers. I found that many companies’ “mineral make-up” is that way. What’s the point of using minerals if you taint it with a bunch of chemicals anyway, right? still use MAC eye makeup though. I have a very minimal morning make-up routine.

Now, if I want a manior pedi I budeget it in, but manily I do my own!! I just remebered I bought pumpkin last week, I know what I’ll be eating soon. Thanks for reminding me. Congrats on your 100 on the math test!

Your dog is too cute! Say “hola” to him for me! LOL! Sorry about the parking tickets and the parking situation in general. That’s such a bummer!! 😦 At least you had some good eats…. especially that grocery store salad! SCORE! I RARELY forget my lunch but if I did I would probably head to our local grocery stoe. It’s near my work and they have an awesome Subway-type sandwich counter near the deli department. We also have a subway nearby but the grocery store has a better bread selection and more veggies. Happy Friday- Oh and your pictures look GREAT! Looks like you are loving that new camera! 😛

Oh…. and I forgot to mention…. I NEVER get mannys or peddys and I don’t spend a lot on hair cuts either. I just think there are better ways to spend my money- like quality foods and stuff for my babies. Don’t be embarrassed!! Be proud that you spend your money wisely! 😀

You are so pretty!

And I’m drooling over the yummy food! The second Florida gets a bit cooler I am making pumpkin oats!

ughhhh parking tickets are the worst! but you are so cute – yay for good math test scores, pumpkin oats and janetha’s CC mix. so. dayum. good.

OK, those food photos are making me hungry. I LOVE Amy’s Indian Samosa Wraps and that So Delicious agave-sweetened soy yogurt is amazing. Now, where did I put those blueberries???

Eek, sorry about that ticket.

I don’t have a parking permit for my school so I always just do residential parking. There is a lot of open streets by the school where all the houses are. It turns out a lot of people have caught on and now I have to park super far from school and walk!

You are too stinkin’ cute. And I have my nose pierced on the same side!

Loving the new camera, it gives your blog a completely different feel, it’s great!

OMG I haven’t seen those college parking tickets in SO long I almost forgot about them. They SUCK!

No manicures or pedicures here – no time or money for it! You’re not alone.

I got a $100 parking ticket a few weeks ago on campus. There were ABSOLUTELY no spots to be found and I had to go to my apartment. There was nothing I could have done…(I can’t even park where I LIVE!?!?!) so I parked alongside some construction and got slammed within an hour.

I appealed it and wrote a cute little letter and it was dismissed. It was also my first. I was not about to pay $100 though!!!

Bummer about yours though. Can you appeal it?

I don’t factor in mani/pedis. I figure I can do them myself and I’d much rather use that money for food 🙂

I hate getting parking tickets. For some reason I can’t figure out parking in St. Louis and have received 2 tickets so far..oops.

Love the pumpkin oats…actually anything pumpkin is pretty much amazing in the fall!

the long awaited pumpkin oats 🙂 looks fabulous!!

sorry to hear about the parking ticket, but at least you aced your math quiz! you rock!

Love the last line of your post, my dear 🙂 Your hair looks super cute in that short cut, but I agree–short hair takes SOOOOO long to style. I’m growing mine out at the moment too, for the sole purpose of being lazy so I can just pull it up 🙂 P.S. I am copying your yogurt bowl when I get the chance!

hahahaha I love the “college girl baby mama” look.

mmmmmm pumpkin is the best thing in the world 🙂 glad you’re putting it to good use!

parking tickets ughh I remember that happening all the time when I was at Mizzou…luckily they are pretty cheap

Great job on the test! And I totally agree- the shorter the hair the longer it takes – you HAVE to style it – and it’s more expensive to maintain! I have had parking tickets… a lot. In auburn and in Atlanta. Grrrr. Hate them. Sorry!

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