Out With The Old And In With The Delicious!

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No, the title has nothing to do with my birthday.  Turns out I have a blogger friend with the very same birthday!!Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes!! I feel the love!  Although 24 is getting up there! If you read my last post, you may be wondering what I did about the camera situation.  Well, I think Mallard could sense my disappointment.  Although  I asked him NOT to return the Sony, he had already done so by the time I got home from work on Friday.  He also replaced it with…


That’s right, this is the camera that I have wanted!!  I’ve had fun playing with it.  My birthday was Saturday and I had to work all day.  But, Mallard’s mom was sweet enough to watch Snuffy.  She also arrived with with a boatload of gifts!!



This is my favorite one!  It’s a cheese serving tray made from a recycled glass bottle!  How cool!  Mama Mallard knows how I love recycled products. 

This is where she found it


And what’s a cheese serving tray without cheeseball ?


So, I’m not a huge cheese ball fan…especially when the ingredients are a mix in a box.  But, it’s the thought that counts.  Plus, chocolate + cream cheese must taste something like chocolate cheesecake, right?  Yum.

The next one is evidence of a love Mama Mallard and I share


That would be the love for Pampered Chef!  This is a cutting board with measured indentions at the end and a “scraper” to move my chopped, sliced or minced produce from point A to point B.

This next gift was the unintentional answer to my prayers! 


I know, it’s just a lil ID holder/change purse.  But, I have no camera case and I really didn’t want to shell out the $20 to buy a camera case that I didn’t care for anyway.  So, when I discovered that my new camera would fit into this cute little case, I was elated!

I recieved cards from my family as well. They live 2 states away but, they are always sure to make me feel loved.


This was the inside of the card from my sister.


My grandma always adorns our envelopes with tons of stickers!!


And my mom has inherited this habit.


This is the envelope that held the card from my parents.  At least my mom is aware that she is steadily becoming more and more like her mother…and I am becoming more and more like her!

Does your family live near you?  How do you stay connected?

I did exactly what I wanted with my evening…nothing!  I put on my comfy clothes and played with Snuffy!


She wore me out!!  Boy, I look haggard.  I promise I felt better than I looked there!  Yes, my shirt says, “I don’t smoke” and the back says, “I hookah!”  It was for the diversity club last year.

No, I didn’t have a birthday cake.  I didn’t see a need for one.  We wouldn’t have been able to eat a whole cake!  I made my own last year.  I’m just not huge on cake, I suppose.

I did have a delicious yogurt mess!


Started with some Stonyfield Organic Vanilla


Added some Dark Chocolate Almond Spread…Oh My Goodness.


Packed in some Puffins…I love these lil guys!


And a splash of Chocolate 365 Organic Soymilk

Snuffy had a treat of her own


Snuffy Mix!  Annie’s Bunny Grahams and 365 Peanut Butter Cereal

I had Amy’s Low-Sodium Indian meal (tofu, curried peas, chickpeas…I think) for dinner



Don’t forget our fruits and veggies!



Bursting with antioxidants!


Pears. Sweet and Crisp. I would have preferred them to be juicier but, they were still mighty tasty.


Celery to be accompanied by



Both of the above were slathered in


Maranatha Raw Almond Butter and PB and Co Cinnamon Raisin Swirl..  My word it was good!

Mallard requested more guy food for his Sunday Football Spectating.  This time it was a pizza roll with sausage AND pepperoni!  The man loves his animals, that is evident.


Snuffy asked to try something new.  Okay, well she stood at the cupboard saying, “bite, Mama?”  So, I gave her a bite of my Primal Strip


She was a fan.

But, Peanut was not.


Then, Mallard politely asked that I remove some things fromt the freezer.  You see, before I was aware of the benefits of whole, preservative-free, chemical – free,  natural foods, I ate a lot of  processed “diet food”.  So, we have lots of frozen  crap “diet food” meals that are at least a year old.  They are still “good” according to the expiration date.  But, Mallard and I are never going to eat them and food pantries don’t take frozen food 😦 

This is what I removed from my life freezer.


I’m so glad I I have discovered the benefits of whole, natural foods!  It felt great to get this junk out of my freezer.

Do you buy these types of “diet foods”?  What are your thoughts regarding them?

I also found some natural Oatmeal Cookies that I had frozen a few weeks ago!


Snuffy ate one right out of the freezer

IMG_0074    …and she loved it.

Have you ever freezed your baked goods? 


After Snuffy fueled for our day, it was time to replenish our kitchen!


I was so excited to find these!  I wil give a full report when I try them.

I also found a big English cucumber.


Snuffy was impressed.

Of course I had to replenish some of my nut butters as well



I also grabbed some soups.


As soon as the chilly Autumn weather descends upon us, I want the warm comfort of soup.  I realize it would be more economical for me to make my own.  I love to cook and I do make my own soups sometimes.  But, I am being bluntly honest when I tell you I just don’t have time.  I wish I did.  But, most of the time I don’t 😦

Tonight, I am studying for my lab exam.  I have a feeling it’s going to be a late one.  That’s where this guy comes in.

IMG_0091 Starbizzle!  Some people like beer or wine or Doritos…I like Starbucks.

Thanks for reading my boring birthday recap!  Now, it’s time for this old lady to get to bed.


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21 Responses to “Out With The Old And In With The Delicious!”

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Happy belated birthday!! Glad you are enjoying your new camera, and I love the color too. My camera is pink. The pictures look great and very clear!

Happy belated Birthday! I am glad you had a great one, as it looks like you got lots of fun gifts and special cards/letters. I am also glad you ended up getting the camera you wanted. I could tell you were pretty disappointed when you thought you were getting another one!

Your pictures looks great, by the way. Regarding some of your questions, I always freeze baked goods. That’s how they last. I am just sure to eat them fairly fast before they start tasting like freezer.

As for diet foods, well, I eat them very rarely. I think the main diet food I eat/drink is diet soda. I recently got some Zevia in the mail, which is diet soda with Stevia, and it’s AWESOME!

Happy Birthday! It looks like you had a fun day, and I’m glad you got the camera you wanted! Have fun playing with it. 🙂

Check out my post today for a recipe for homemade energy bars!

oh lordy that cuke is HUGE! yay for getting an awesome bday present 🙂 you totally deserved it! love the card from your sis!

and who needs birthday cake when theres greek yogurt, pb and puffins!!

Happy B-day again! 9-19 is a GREAT day! Hey I mentioned you on my blog today! Check it out!
Also, I love the pics for your new camera! You are totally putting my cell phone pics to shame!

Happy Bday! Looks like you got great presents. Your pictures were nice but were gigantic for some reason. Love the choc almond spred with ice cream!

It was actually Stonyfield yogurt. But, now that you mention it, the Chocolate Almond Spread would be great on some vanilla Coconut Milk Ice Cream!! I added my pics in a large size not realizing how large it really was! Oh well…live and learn. 😉

Happy belated birthday! I spent my saturday celebrating two brithdays and then met another man with a birthday that day! Haha. Crazy.

I am so glad it went well. I for one can not have a birthday without cake! Birthdays are my excuse to eat cake! Haha. I freeze bread all the time and I like to freeze yogurt and just eat it like that.

Happy belated birthday!! I never really need a cake either.. I like your idea of peanut buttery goodness instead!!

Your pictures are looking great! I bet your going to be having fun taking all kinds of yummy pictures!

great foods and Happy belated birthday to you!oooh, new cam is sweet. enjoy having fun learning all the functions. I always love a new gadget!

Hey girl! Glad you got exactly what you wanted for your birthday! LOVE that you spent the night just relaxing- this is totally my ideal evening too 😉

I do not buy the diet freezer products. I try to always just prep cleaner meals ahead of time when possible. When I’m in a pinch, I will go for a few portable fruits/veggies and a bar (like lara or clif).

Hope you’re having a good week!!

HEY Jenna!!! You won my giveaway 🙂 Congrats!! Please e-mail me your address whenever you get the chance. I will go ahead and order your subscription, which will start in January. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Hey birthday twin! Congrats on winning the giveaway at Candid RD! Also, I forgot to tell you in my other comment that I love your nose piercing! It’s so cute!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL! looks like you had a fabulous day – the pictures are gorge! the level of clarity and details is awesome (i am a total photo nerd, i know). yay for relaxing and having fun with the cute lil’ punkin!

Happy belated birthday! Love all of the prezzies – especially the camera – woo! My family mostly lives in Alabama, and then my mom’s side is in Texas and my dad’s side is in N.C. – and he’s in Thailand – eek! Thank god for e-mail!! Love all of the foodie pics- vita tops are awesome!!

COOL NEW CAM!!! You took some great photos of some even greater eats!!! I’m so jealous of your birthday cards–I love birthdays but we don’t have a very card-giving family 😦

I’m late commenting on this post but I’m here! I’m so glad you got the camera you wanted, how sweet of the hubby – your pics look great! You must be thrilled.

I was going to ask what your shirt said, I’m glad you told us hehehe!

YAY! Glad you got the camera you wanted! I like that brilliant red color! And cool gifts, you blessed one! 😀
Is there a reason why your pictures are so blown-up, though?

There so blown up because I’m a moron and didn’t realize how large “large” really is once I get the pics on the blog. By the time I saw them, I had already published the post.

So glad you had a great birthday!! I’m so jealous of your fabulous nut butter collection….

I used to have the same stack of Lean Cuisines in my freezer, too! It’s amazing to me what drastic dietary and lifestyle changes I have underwent, even in the last few months…. just 3 months ago I was a pescaterian counting calories, and today I’m a vegan that eats whatever my body wants (whether it by the vegan 7 layer bar I just scarfed down, haha), or veggies! And I love it this way!

Happy belated birthday, gorgeous girl! Oooh, I am loving all your beautiful, crystal clear pictures and I’m glad to hear that you ended up telling your hubby the truth!

I live with my family, so we tend to see each other a lot =), and my cousins live 40 minutes away, so we see each other at least once a month. We are very close!

I love seeing all the cute cards you got, definitely not a boring post!

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