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Only 8 more days until I get my new camera!!  I decided to go with the red.  The vote was pretty much unanimous.  I agree with all of you:  it is the most stylish, sassy color.  Plus, I can find it easily in the dark depths of my purse that way!   I can’t wait to take some awesome pics and be done with these awful phone pics!  Speaking of awful phone pics…


We picked some of these up for Snuffy last weekend and she loves them!  She got the strawberry +PB flavor and gives them 5 stars. 

How do I know that my 1 year old gives them 5 stars? The entire time she is chewing she says,”Nummy, nummy!”


They come in four flavors, one of which is Blueberries and Oatmeal!

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In other news…

I have discovered a new delicious oat combination!

First, I cook my oats in the microwave as usual.  Then, I make ’em a lil sweeter by using Katie’s Melted Banana Trick


Next, I add some protein


Ingredients: Organic hemp protein powder, organic fair trade evaporated cane juice, organic vanilla flavour.

Soy Free. Gluten Free. Hexane Free.
Contains no additives or preservatives

I love this protein powder!  I had never tried hemp protein until I found this at Whole Foods a few months ago.   The manager of the department it was stocked in actually gave it to me as a sample!  The entire container! 

After I mix in a scoop of that vanilla hemp love, I add 1/2 cup of blueberries


Hello, antioxidants!

But  wait , there’s more!


Gotta have some cool, creamy Vanilla Stonyfield Organic Yogurt in there!  I use a whole single serving container.


I admit it’s not so pretty all mixed up.  It is tasty though!

Hemp protein has so many nutritional benefits!  I really like that it gives omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, 10 essential amino acids and antioxidants!  So, this bowl of oats was a double whammy in the antioxidant department.

Speaking of nutrition, check out this giveaway for a free subscription to Nutrition Action!

If you have been following my blog, you have  seen that Mallard tends to request “guy food” about once every week.  (Why can’t guys like him eat healthy whole foods?)

Anyway, this weekend Mallard is going camping with the guys and he requested what we like to call “Hockey Pucks”

Since, the guys are not at all concerned with nutritional content of these treats and they are opposed to natural PB, I saved some cash by using these


These are so easy.  Just spread…




And dip!


I dipped some in milk chocolate, some in white chocolate and a few in both!





Snuffy kept asking me for “bites” while I was making these.  So, I brought out her peanut butter.


and gave her a very classy snack


 Organic PB +Spoon

She was a fan.

All this peanut butter reminds me of someone…

What’s your favorite way to eat peanut butter?  Do you like to mix it into oats?  Maybe you prefer it right out of the jar as Snuffy does!

Is HEMP a part of your diet? 


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22 Responses to “Hempberry Love”

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My favorite way to eat peanut butter is mixed into smoothies, or on a banana! But almond butter is my fave.

I have not tried the hemp protein yet, I’ve heard mixed reviews, it seems like you’re a fan though!

I will have to give those “hockey pucks” a try for my hubby, he would love them.

Your snuffy is truly adorable. I’m allergic to pb unfortunately! Almond butter, on the other hand, I will enjoy many many ways. My favorite is on top of toast with banana slices!

I like mixing it in my oats!

I’m a huge fan of peanut butter. If I was going to eat it from a spoon, I like spooning it out and then freezing it to make it last longer.

Thats super sweet that you got a full container of protein as a sample- SCORE! Hockey pucks? Josh would loveeeeeeeeeeeee those and then ask me to never make them again because I’m sure he couldn’t control himself around them haha. I love nut butter on apples, bread, and right out of the jar 😉

Lol, Mallard asks me NOT to make certain treats too! I make “Reese’s Bars” that seem to be his kryptonite! Most of the timewhen I bake anything, he asks me to give about half of the batch to neighbors and co-workers. He once ate almost an entire loaf of banana bread in a day. Gotta love those masculine appetites!

Aww, I was so excited for the shout out!!
And Snuffy is super-smart! PB straight-up can’t be beat! Well, maybe if you add chocolate or banana… 😉

Happy Friday, Jenna!

I have never included hemp in my diet, but I’m not against it either! If I knew how to use it, I would give it a try. As for favorite way to eat peanut butter, it’s anyway. I would eat peanut butter on anything, and your pb sandwiches look AMAZING!! They are like little buckeyes 🙂 I do like mixing pb into oats too, it really makes them taste so much better.

yay for those jammy sammies – i have only found the strawberry and PB ones, but the blueberry oatmeal sounds amazing. that snuffster is too cute!

OMG your pb cracker concoction looks divine! And that’s definitely the way I would do it – make them at home yourself!

I use hemp milk on cereal and in oats. I think I’m going to try some hemp protein but I’m still on the fence at the moment.

Those crackers + pb + chocolate sandwiches look AMAZING!!!! Those would be dangerous in my household…lol

Your daughter is absolutely adorable! And once again I’m impressed on all the healthy foods you give her- what a great mama!

I like peanut butter straight out of the jar but I try not to do that because I can get carried away. But I also love it on bread, oats, yogurt.. you name it!

I see a lot of people on the blogs using Hemp protein….. I’m going to have to pick some up and see what all the hype is about. As for PB…. I love it any way…. but I guess my true fav is on toast RIGHT out of the toaster….. I like when the PB gets all melty!!! 😀

jammy sammy.. haha i am a sucker for rhymes. i love PB with my mom’s homemade raspberry jam on toast the very most!

no hemp here.

For some reason I’ve regressed to the age of 5 and I am loving PB&J recently haha. I also love PB on toast with banana slices!

Thanks for your comment on my blog. The “go eat a cheeseburger” line is not new to me. What’s the deal? I hate it when people say that to me, it’s ridiculous. Good for you for coming back with a PERFECT answer!

First of all, Snuffy is ADORABLE!

I like PB on a spoon or in oats. 🙂
I’ve never tried hemp before, but it sounds really interesting.

So neat that you decided to go with the red camera. Red is one of my fave colors, so I’d definitely have picked that one, too!

Mmm I love love love the way you make your oats now! Add I after? Very creative 🙂

I heart pb everywhere and anywhere but mostly on tjs english muffins!

Have a fab weekend girly

A whole free container? How awesome! I use Manitoba Harvest’s plain hemp protein powder sometimes in my green smoothies, on those hard workout days, or days when I’m really lacking in protein. That vanilla one sounds pretty tasty. This one is neutral in flavor.

Those PB sandwiches look amazing, and would be easy to healthify 😉 I love PB anywhere! The problem is eating too much of it, hehe. I think my all time favorite way to eat it though, is with bananas, whether by itself or on toast!

If you were to healthify them, what would you use in place of the crackers…just a “junk free” version? Or something else?

I still have this weird idea that help products will taste… well… like those hippie hemp bracelets I used to wear in middle school lol. But after your review maybe I’ll give it a shot! 😉

Ohmygosh, I love that dessert idea!! Okay, I love anything with nut butter dipped in chocolate 😛

I’m old school, my favourite way to eat PB is on toast. But it’s got to be hot toast so it gets slightly melty 🙂

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