Food Combing Faux Pas and Changes On The Horizon

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Like the seasonal Starbucks menu, all things must change.  But, before we get to those changes, how was your Labor Day weekend?  Mine was fairly mellow.  We bought Snuffy some new shoes at the outlet mall on Friday, I worked Saturday, then Sunday we went to Babies R Us to look for baby gifts.  I swear everyone seems to be expecting lately! 

While we were at Babies R Us, we found these !

Organic Lollipops!

Organic Lollipops!

Snuffy gave them 5 stars!  I tried the pomegranite flavor and it was awesome!  I like things really sweet and these certainly fit the bill.

Mallard asked for more carnivorous creations this weekend…another Giant Pizza Roll

I used a refridgerated pizza crust because that’s what the crazy man prefers!


I spread about 1/2 cup of sauce onto the crust and topped with mozzerella.

Then I added Mallard’s favorite pizza topping



I rolled it all together and pressed the seams of the dough tightly closed.  Then, I scored the top and sprinkled more mozzerella

I baked at 425 until it was dark golden brown (Mallard’s preference)


I couldn’t even get a pic before Mallard cut into this bad boy!

Now for the changes at hand…

First of all, Snuffy’s babysitter is due…well, today with her third child.  So, Snuffy will have to go to the daycare center near our home for a few weeks.  She has been there before for two days while our regular babysitter was on vacae.  She seemed to do fine.  But, they don’t provide the MOST nutritious meal.  Sure, there is usually a fruit or veggie involved.  But, snacks include “juice” made of non-organic fruit and who knows what else.  Sugar cookies and preservative-filled grahams are other frequent snack stars.  The meals are okay by dietetic standards.  Some of the meals I would prefer not to give my lil one:  BBQ pork because I don’t know what kind of chemicals and “crap” are in the sauce and in the meat.  The other meal that I don’t really want to give Snuff is their ravioli as I’m sure it’s generic canned …junk.  So, I wanted Snuffy to have a nutritious lunch without feeling like she is not getting what the other kids have.  Solution?  Same idea, different version!

On Ravioli Day (tomorrow) I packed Snuffy the same meal on the menu only in a junk-free version


Snuffy kept asking for bites as I was packing her lunch. So, she tried this cold (I felt like a bad mom).  But, she loved it!  I have to say, it’s not bad.  Yes, it’s a bit more expensive than Chef you-know-who.  However, she can get at least three meals out of a can since she eats it with a fruit and a vegetable!  For her lunch, I packed a Snuffy serving of ravioli, a serving of peas and a serving of oranges.  It was exactly what was on the menu for the other kids 🙂

She even got a cool , new lunch bag that she picked out!


When I bought it, I didn’t look at it closely.  I thought it was an eco-friendly BUILT lunch bag like mine.  But, looking closer, I noticed that the tag says it’s made by BUILT but I don’t think it’s made of eco-friendly materials…lunch bag fail.

Oh well! I also got Snuffy some an alternative to the unhappy pork with mystery BBQ sauce0906092226

Whole Foods had a coupon for this in The Whole Deal this month so it was an easy and inexpensive alternative!

 I also packed some junk-free snacks for Snuffy to keep at daycare.


These were another change for Snuffy.   She love them though! She was on a hunger strike on Sunday until I opened a box of Bunny Grahams!


You must know that Snuff can’t survive without Cheddar Bunnies

She’s cool like that


As I had told you in a previous post, I have been in a bit of a food rut lately. 

So, I took advantage of the Whole Deal coupon for these


I swear I have seen these on Jenna’s blog.  But, I can’t seem to find the exact post.

And now for NEW NUT BUTTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!


 I had some samples of this from Starbucks a few months ago and I really liked it!  I didn’t want squeeze packs though due to the waste of packaging and I finally found it in a jar!! Plus, I haven’t been able to find Mighty Maple anywhere!  Does anyone know what is going on with that?  It was my fave.  But, Justin’s Maple AB may replace it.

And now for the star of the show


I didn’t even know this existed until I saw it on the shelf!  I can’t wait to try it.  Reviews to come!

If you have read my blog lately, you have seen how much I love my nut butters. 


(Dark Chocolate Dreams+Cashew Butter+Naturally More)

You may also notice that I almost always pair nut butters with fruit and veggies


Well, I have been having some major tummy aches in the mornings.  I have begun to wonder if it has anything to do with my last snack of the evening which is usually nut butter and fruit or veggies.  I know that it’s not the best thing to be eating in the evening.  But, it’s become a staple in my evening unwinding.  Digging deeper, I found some info on food combining while reading Gena’s blog.  According to food combining guidelines, fruit should be eaten by itself and on an empty stomach.  Could this be the source of my tummy troubles?  The guidelines list vegetables as “neutral” which means they can be combined with any of the other food groups.  Am I destined to eat my nut butters with celery and carrots for the rest of my life?  I sure hope not!  But, I suppose I owe it to myself to change up the routine and see if bad food combining is the issue.  I am tired of feeling bloated and crampy in the morning…and NO I AM NOT PREGNANT.  I have an IUD for those of you who are wondering.  I won’t be having any more children any time soon as it lasts up to 10 years!

Moving on…

Check out a GIVEAWAY that will help you further your nutritional knowledge!

I picked up some new bars to try.  I’m just not a bar person.  I went through a phase when I ate a Kashi Go Lean Chewy bar every day when I went back to work after maternity leave.  I don’t now if I got burnt out on bars or I just like “real” food?  Either way, my days are so long most of the time that it’s not feasable for me to pack food for that long of a time period.  Also, there are so many bars on the market that are made with natural ingredients and no “junk”.  So, I thought I would give these a go.





And I picked up this guy on a whim


Hmm..75 percent organic, 100 calories…we’ll see how it goes.

I also made an effort to reduce my risk of breast cancer




I have been working with someone on a blog makeover!  The new and improved Whole Body Love will be up and running within a few weeks!  I will keep you updated.

Many of you have read about my anticipation of my birthday and the “birthday fairy”

It’s obvious that the camera on my phone is just NOT cutting it! I’m sure you noticed that all my pics are blurry and dark.  So, after speaking with the “birthday fairy” , I was informed that I will be getting a camera for my birthday.  I thought I may have to compromise on the camera I want.  But, since Mallard’s job is going decently well, I get the camera I want!  This means that after the nineteenth, there will be much better pictures on my blog.  In fact, once I get my new camera, I plan to photograph almost all of my eats and do more experimenting with new foods and recipes!  So, be prepared for food porn!


What color do you like?  I’m leaning toward GOLD but, RED would be easier to find in my purse.  What do you think?

Have you ever given any thought to the “food combining guidelines” or eating a high raw diet?



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21 Responses to “Food Combing Faux Pas and Changes On The Horizon”

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I like the red camera. And I can’t wait to see your makeover! It’ll be awesome indeed!

oh, and I think it’s cool that you make separate lunches for your dear daughter, but don’t you think it’ll be socially weird for her to eat differently from other kids? I don’t know, but I have heard a few stories that makes me want to give you some cautious warning…

I completely see your point. I do worry about how she may feel socially and that’s why ,when I do pack for her, I pack exactly what’s on the menu for the daycare that day only in a natural, junk-free, OR organic version. This way she feels like she has just what everyone else does and I take comfort in knowing what is in the ravioli and BBQ she’s putting into her body. I don’t pack everyday because I realize that she can’t have all whole, natural foods for the rest of her life. She will eat the eggs and toast that they serve along with their fruit and sandwiches and whatnot. I do take her organic milk. I don’t eat all organic. But, I do eat mostly natural, whole foods and I want her to grow up with the best chance at a healthy body.

Ah, of course. you’ve got it all thought beforehand. Haha, you’re such a wise mother! And I understand that as a parent you want your kid to eat the BEST stuff possible, fit for a princess, because…well, she IS a princess!! 😉

The whole food combining thing just confuses me and I don’t think I could ever follow it completely, but I know that there are benefits to doing it. I didn’t know maranatha made dark chocolate almond butter either! I will definitely be on the look out for that!

P.S. I like the red camera! 🙂

Hey girl! Have you tried Walmart? That is where I found my mighty maple. I wish I could find the big jars of Justin’s!! Its so yummy and I hate buying the little packets. Happy EARLY birthday! A new camera?? How exciting! Can’t wait to see your site changes 🙂

I like the red one!! Probably because I’m obsessed with Scarlet and grey 🙂
Thanks for the giveaway shout out.

I think it’s great that you pack your daughter organic foods to take place of the other foods she gets served at her daycare. I will just advice you to make sure she is getting a multivitamin or something since there is no fortification in any organic products. You seem up on nutrition so I figure you know that.

As for food combining, it’s one of those thing sI just never learned about in school, so I can’t help being skeptical. My body does not react well to fruit in the first place, whether or not I eat it alone, so I will have to read more about this in order to have a fair opinion.

i have that camera! it is great. justin’s maple almond butter is the best 🙂

I eat all my fruit in the morning (usually an apple, grapes and an orange). Then I eat “breakfast part 2” a couple hours later.

I like the red camera!!!!

Ooo! Gimme pizza! Please? And I choose the red camera for sass and flair, just like sunglasses Baby.

ooooh i’d go for the red one!! That giant pizza roll looks intensely fabulous! Austin would love! I’m glad you found so many fab treats and things for snuffy – she’s a cutie!!

ohhhh im likin that red camera! two thangs: those suckers are my fave. they are hands down the best suckers i have ever had!

second, the KIND walnut date bar is my other fave. sooooo friggin good!

can’t wait to see the bloggy changes! have a great day!

I have a Canon and I love it! That’s definitely a good choice. You won’t be disappointed.

I’ve played around with raw foods and food combining. While I don’t get it right 100% of the time, The Raw Foods Detox Diet has changed my life. For the better! It’s a great read and is a good place to start to understand the principles behind food combining and raw foods and why it’s so good for us.

And if my kids were in day care I would totally do the same thing. Eating more “traditional” kid food is ok with me once in a while – but if they are in someone else’s care every day then yes, I would totally pack their lunches with food the that’s of the quality I want them to eat!

Can I just say that pizza roll looks AMAZING!!! OMG, my mouth waters look at it. I would go for the red camera! So cute and sassy!

I can’t wait to see more food pictures! I know your a peanut butter lover like me so I know there will be tons of food porn! Mmm!

And I think its great that you feed your little girl healthy foods!

Wow, that breakfast you described on my blog was DELICIOUS!! I have to buy some Dark Chocolate Dreams, I have not yet. Thanks for the recipe!

you have a lot of good looking goodies! I like the sleek black one, but pink is cute!

Ahh…you can’t go wrong w/ the black. A classic color for any situation. However…the red will be mosdef easier to find in your purse – I know how messy it can get in girls’ purses.

I’m diggin the Annie’s products you have going on. I’m a sucker for their mac and cheese on a lazy night.

What a great healthier alternative for the little one. Gotta love Annie’s!

OK, I have been looking all over for the JAR of Justin’s AB…I have only been able to find the little packets. Good to know you found some!

Recently bought some natural deoderant and it DOES NOT work. Maybe I need to try that brand.

I think it’s neat that you pack Snuffy different lunches. If she gets used to eating differently now, maybe it won’t be such a big deal when she gets older.

I used to be super skeptical of food combining, but now I think there is a lot of truth in it. I don’t think it’s necessarily for everyone (some people eat whatever and have no problems), but practicing some of the principles has definitely helped me out. It might also be the fat of the PB…whenever I eat something with fat in it right before bed, it doesn’t seem to sit too well.

Whoa, you did some major awesome shopping at Whole Foods I see 🙂 I’m loving those kiddie treats. Haha, I love baby food!

I saw that dark chocolate nut butter on someone’s blog (Jenna’s?) and it sounds awesome. Can’t wait to hear your review on it!

I’m not a big bar person either, but I’ve been loving baked/heated clif/luna bars! So delish, and tastes completely different than at room temp.

I like the red camera, but I like bright colors 🙂

I did not expect that pizza to go into roll form but it looks amazing! I have to try that sometime .

I am on the brink of getting a new camera too! Thanks for giving some idea. I have not bought one since my 8th grade graduation and I broke that one a few years ago and now I’m using my mothers which I also just broke. Haha. I do not have good luck with technology.

Go with the red! Although I do prefer the black one myself but it would be really hard to find in a crowded purse.

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