Out Of The Loop and Into…A Rut?

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Hey weekend warriors!!  How was your weekend?  Mine began with a a great yoga class.  It lasted almost 30 minutes longer than it was supposed to!

But, I felt so relaxed and grounded after!


Seriously, is it possible to have a yoga high?


I have been wanting to go more often.  But, I was concerned about the difficulty of the yoga classes that will actually coincide with my fall schedule.  However, the instructors told me that I would have no problem moving on to a more difficult class.  I’m excited!  Eventually, I want to be in the habit of attending the HOT Vinyasa and Ashtanga classes.

After yoga, I picked up a few things that I had forgotten yesterday.  I was going to buy some more pink ladies.  But, I found some Gala apples that were actually grown in the US and they taste very similar.  I have issues with buying too many items shipped from overseas.  It’s not really a patriotic thing.  It’s more of a Save The Planet thing.  More shipping = more carbon emissions.  Not that I live such a model environmentally concious lifestyle.  I mean, I buy bananas every week!  I just try to make an effort. 

I did find this


Coconut Water = natures Gatorade

I have been craving some serious chocolate lately. 

Many moons ago, I would have reached right for some Oreos and skim milk (moo). 


But, now that I now that I am aware of what keep Oreos shelf -stable, I think I’ll pass. Did you know that they also contain artificial chocolate flavor? Wha??


So, I picked up these guys instead




Organic Unbleached Flour, Organic Sugar, Powdered Sugar, Organic Palm Oil, Canola Oil (Expeller Pressed), Organic Cocoa, Cocoa (Processed with Alkali), Organic Unsweetened Chocolate, Natural Flavor, Salt, Sodium Bicarbonate, Soy Lecithin, (an Emulsifier)

Not perfect, but better!

I have also run into a schedule issue.  I am on the run between school and work and meetings all day almost every day.  I love my eats but, I rarely have time to enjoy them.  I have never really been much of a bar fan.  For some reason, I would rather just make a small meal. But, it gets hard to pack 2 to 3 meals a day.  So, I reluctantly grabbed some bars to try.




I will let you guys know what I think about them soon.  I was looking for mine LARA Bars but, I couldn’t find them anywhere! Mini Laras and Mighty Maple PB have been wiped out of the ‘Nati!

I did get a chance to try this


It doesn’t have a definite soy taste.  But, I can tell it’s not dairy yogurt.  I really liked it!  I added it to my oats along with a serving (1 banana) of banana soft serve.


The weather in the ‘Nati has been rocking awesome today! So, we had to hit the trails!


Buckled up and ready to ride!

After the trails the puppies were still craving more outdoor excitement and so was Snuffy.  So, we hit up the dog park.


I swear there were dogs on the other side of the fence.  In the picture, it looks like Snuff is eyeballing that nasty trashcan.

We arrived home and Mallard was craving something peanut buttery.  He requested something with a granola-esque crust, a PB layer and chocolate drizzle. 

I can’t post a recipe because I just kind of eyeballed everything and made it up as I went along.

I mixed oats with about 1/2 cup of honey and 1/4 cup of this guy


and at least 1 cup of PB.  Now, if this was for me I would have used natural creamy PB…probably Naturally More or Bees Knees.  But, it was not for me so I used Mallard’s Natural Skippy Crunchy or Extra Chunky or whatever it’s called.


I baked it for maybe 10 minutes at 400



The fridge was packed so I ran a few inches of cold water in the sink and set the pan in the water so the crust could cool.  It floats so water doesn’t seep over the sides.


Once again, if this was mine I would have added dark chocolate drizzle and called it delicious.  But, it was not for me and Mallard requested a PB layer.  This meant he wanted something similar to the inside of a Reese’s cup or for you Ohioans, the inside of a buckeye.  So, kids, I did the unthinkable…

PB + confectioners sugar + oil


I spread it over the cooled crust.



Don’t forget, the man wanted chocolate drizzle!


and he got his drizzle.



Oh my sugar lovin’ boy! 

I guess I can’t talk.  He thinks my Indian food stinks


But he deals with it


I promise you it taste 5 million times better than it looks.  I can’t wait for the birthday fairy.  You know, the one that’s s’posed to bring me a decent camera?  That’s still about  3 weeks out though. 

I can’t believe it’s the second week of school already!  I had missed the regular school schedule.   But, going back made me realize how different I am from most girls my age.  I mean what 23 year old never goes to bars or clubs, rarely goes shopping or out to dinner and gets crazy excited to go to Whole Foods?  Sometimes Iwonder if I even know what’s in style anymore.  I think I do alright.  If I buy clothes, they are for work which means they’re from THE  LIMITED.  Do I dress like an old lady?  My casual stuff is from The Buckle…is that store still “cool”?  I have a few flowy, bohemian shirts that I love.  But, do they look stupid?  I don’t think I care.  I talk to one friend from high school on a regular basis.  Most of my friends did not get married or have children so young.  So, I am the odd woman out.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s absolutely worth it.   Sometimes, I feel like I have grown from my 20’s to my 40’s and missed the in-between.   It sure feels good to get back to the things I love.  Hopefully, I can start running again once my schedule gets situated.  I’m not saying that I want to go out with group of girls to the bars and clubs every weekend.  I would like a running buddy though! 

I’m also in a bit of a food rut.  I have been eating a lot of yogurt messes, oats with banana soft serve and yogurt, fruit plates with massive amounts of PB and AB, hugh jass salads and Amy’s meals.


Are there any bars that you recommend (besides my Laras)?

What do you do when you realize you’re in a food rut?

Do you stick with your old stand by’s when you want a treat or do you seek out a more natural version?

I’m looking forward to your thoughts!


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20 Responses to “Out Of The Loop and Into…A Rut?”

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Haha, I can totally feel you enthusiasm for yoga in this post! good for you!
Hmm…food ruts…why not lay off the bars for awhile? I think they all taste similar and have similar ingredients…maybe you can try eating out more, and then deriving your ideas from the new dishes you tried…that’s what I do anyway! aHave fun experimenting! 🙂

If I wasn’t on a budget and spending so much on gas, I would LOVE to eat out more! I love Panera and I wouldn’t mind hitting up Whole Foods’ hot bar and some of the veg-friendly eateries around the city…if I had my degree and the paycheck that goes with it 😉

mmm. that sheet of PB and choc drizzzle looks good, reminds me of these PB bars i make, they are horribly bad but so good. i have NEVER done yoga. i should. i think i would be terrible, i cant even touch my toes. i don’t mind food ruts, i like to eat the same things time and time again. but i do turn to blogs for inspiration when i want something new. i also have my eats documented so i look back for something i really enjoyed. i like kind bars and luna bars. when i want a treat it is usually ice cream and so i will just have a bit of it! have a good monday!!

I really want to get into yoga more. I have never taken a class, but really enjoy doing it on my Wii Fit. I bet classes are better though.

I also like Kind bars, Weil bars, Pure bars and basically any others as long as they only have a few ingredients.

I’m like you, I like to seek out a healthier, more “real” version of something I used to eat like oreos. (I used to be a big oreo/milk fan myself ; )

Oh I’ve had many food ruts, but I just try to let them slide. In other words, they inevitably end within a few days, so I Just let it occur naturally! IF it lasts more than a week, I know something is wrong.
It looks like your chocolate pb creation turned out really well! I love the inside of a buckeye, it’s the perfect combination of sugar and pb 🙂
When I want a treat I usually stick with my stand by’s, but if /i’ve got extra money, I’ll go out on a limb and buy something new!

Aww…I never go shopping or out, either. Part of my job is to go to bars, but I rarely go! I just can’t handle staying up late and drinking all the time. So you’re not alone!!

And I realized that a lot of my clothes are from Target! Not any place cool. Not that Target isn’t sweet….but still….

I love Luna bars. Pure bars are pretty good too.
That Amy’s frozen meal is one of my favorites.

I’m so glad you’re loving your yoga- congrats on moving up in difficulty!! The pics of snuffy are adorable – she is a little doll! Whatever that dessert is that you made looks amazing! I could never do that – i’m very “by the book” when it comes to cooking – eek! I’m working on it!

Cute picture – you’re beautiful!!!

1.) I pretty much only eat larabars, so I’m no help here, sorry

2.) When I’m in a food rut, I do my best to challenge myself, think outside box and pick up at least 3 new food items at the store to try.

3.) It depends…I Try to seek out a more natural, healthier version but…that doesn’t always work 😉

I LOVE Clif Z-bars. Also, some of the Kashi ones are pretty good too, I especially like the trail mix ones.

I really like the thinkthin bars for some reason! A lot of people hate them but I think they are yummy!

And that recipe looks sooo good.. chocolate and pb equals perfection!!


Umm yes, I definitely believe in a yoga high!

I read once that Oreo’s are the absolute worst thing you can eat, and after that I could never look at them the same, let alone eat them. Love those Newman’s Own Organic cookies, they are awesome! The kiddies love them too.

I’m a Lara Lover so I got nothing for the bar recs. When I’m a in food rut I usually dig around for new recipes to try, food blogs always help! And when I’m in the mood for a treat, I definitely seek out the more natural version, but it didn’t always use to be that way.

those bars look amazing – total chef! ummm i am 24 years old, don’t go out, enjoy whole foods and don’t even have a child or hubby-to-be 🙂

LOVE that amy’s meal – lots of love girl. keep rockin’ the yoga!

I really like the Clif and Detour bars but a lot of the girls in my class eat the Lunas by Clif.

When in a food rut, I go back to the first recipe I ever cooked. Helps me realize why I love cooking and where it all started.

I’m an ice cream aficionado and it’s hard eating the healthier stuff because it just doesn’t taste the same. Haagen-Dazs vs. Weight Watchers, etc just doesn’t compare!

I’m a 21 year old (almost 22!) who gets crazy excited when it comes to Whole Foods, especially over bars or clubs, but I gotta say, that I get my fair share of shopping =P

Your daughter is absolutely adorable!

I totally know what you mean by the yogi’s high. So awesome!

As for bars, I recommend raw organic food bars—so good! I also like vega bars, but they are $$$

I go for the more natural version of treats. I mean what is with artificial chocolate? The real thing cannot be replaced!

A yoga high sounds nice 🙂 I can’t wait to enroll in yoga classes when we move to an area where they are available!
I really want to try the Amazing Grass bars…have you tried those yet? Seems like a nice way to get in greens! 🙂

I haven’t tried them. But, that’s a good recommendation! I will have to seek out their stats!

Mmm I looove me some Luna bars! Choc pepp stick and oatmeal raisin!

Haha I’m single and 23 and still love food shopping more then bar hopping!

I’m on a big english muffin kick and cottage cheese Janetha style!

I can totally identify with your age group and how they act “different” than you. I am 28 and though I like to go out and have fun every so often, I would rather go food shopping, prepare healthy and organic food, workout, hang out with my kids etc etc. It is hard to get used to be the “oddball”. (especially with all the questions I get at work about the “healthy crap” I eat!) I found your blog through OhSheGlows and love it especially since you have a child and you’re working! Keep it up! I hope to have a blog covering fashion, interior design and food/working out soon!

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