Running For Health or Fooling Yourself?

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Happy Tuesday!  I enjoyed reading the responses to my last post on  calories.  In fact, I think I enjoyed those comments more than the comments on any post thus far!

How many of you are students? 

  I am 23 and I am still a student. path to graduation has had a few unexpected detours 🙂


But, they were worth it!

Anyway, this week is my first week of Fall Semester.  The only class I’m not so keen on is my lab…I hate labs. 

I really do like all of my professors.  My Anatomy and Physiology Prof. is my fave.  He’s fair and he makes himself available for questions at any time.  In fact, he put his cell number on the board today and told the class to text him if we had questions about an upcoming exam or if it’s easier than e-mailing when we’re going to be absent.  He also told us a little about his family.  He has 3 kids and has been with his wife since high school.  (I would say he’s in his late 40’s now). 

Why am I talking so much about this professor?  Well, he told us that he has run 9 marathons including the New York City Marathon the year that P.Diddy  ran it!  The prof’s wife runs with him now, too.  I expected him to speak about how much he loves running.  Instead he said, “I hate running.  Seriously, I only do it so I don’t get huge.”

This made me wonder how many people run just to keep their weight in check.  I know that many of us just love running.  But, do we really love it?  How about you?  Do you love the way you feel while you run or do you love that feeling of accomplishment after you run?  Do you run for the “runner’s high”?  Maybe we’re fooling ourselves.  Possibly we think we love the feeling of accomplishment and endorphins.  But, what we really like is knowing we just burned x amount of calories and boosted our metabolisms.  Or it could be that we do it because we know it’s good for our bodies and we have bamboozled ourselves into thinking we just love to run.  Another possibility is that, like my professor, we love food and we run to offset our indulgences.  This reminds me of Heather’s post regarding the correlation between exercise and eating habits. 

I like the way I fell while I’m running…about half the time.  There are times when I have to use motivational self-talk to get through.  However, I LOVE the way I feel after a run EVERY TIME!  Of course I also like the health aspect of running.



Another mountain of nut butters!


White Chocolate Wonderful, Naturally More with flax and Maranatha Raw Almond Butter (creamy)

With some friends

0824092350  Two Ripe Juicy Peaches, celery, One Pear

And a Pink Lady


I have also been grabbing grapes on the go! Snuffy tried a sample of these at Kroger and I ended up buying a bunch because they kept her so happy in the cart.


and of course my favorite Amy’s Meal


Roasted Vegetable Enchilada!

I always make a mess of it before I devour it.  It’s very primal, I think. 


Like an animal who kills their prey before she eats it;) 

Before I go, I want to know whatcha think!

Do you run?

Do you do it for health?  Do you like the feeling you have while you run or after you run? 

What made you begin running?  Do you use it as a weight management tool?

I showed you mine, now you show me yours! What’s your favorite Amy’s meal?

PS Check out Kailey’s  giveaway overflowing with Veg News loot !


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31 Responses to “Running For Health or Fooling Yourself?”

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I’m 21 and not a student anymore buuuut probably will be again a year or two.

Glad you’re liking the start to your classes so far! (minus the lab … but then about, who likes labs??? ha. i sure don’t!)

I love that Amy’s meal! My favorite are her stuffed shells. Fabulous!! I don’t run – just walking! And i’m not a student anymore! (finished up grad school in ’06 and have been working the same job since 3 months before graduation!!! You’re bringing up great points about running here – i’m interested to see what your readers say!

Yep. I was a young mother like you and it is totally worth it!! I was 23 when my daughter was born, and now she is a senior in high school – she was the best thing that ever happened to me, and while I know it is hard, when you are my age, you will know you made the best decision of your life!


I’m not a huge runner because I have weak ankles and I get plantar warts (yeah, gross, i know!!). I walk a lot and use the elliptical. I do cardio for the health benefits and for how it makes me feel (afterwards!). I do say I “love to workout” a lot more than I should, because in reality it isn’t always something I love to do! I try to switch up my routine as much as possible so it remains something I enjoy doing. I also workout so I feel toned 🙂

That picture of you and your daughter is sooo cute! Love that plate of nut butter with dippers! Yummy.

I do run- I do it both for fun (love it) and health. I love the feeling I get after I run- my body is tired in a good way and I feel accomplished! I started running as a challenge to myself- I use to be a terrible runner. Hmmm favorite Amy’s meal? I like her spinach and feta wrap- yummmmm

I’m 23 and a grad student, but only for a few more months! I have 14 weeks of clinical rotations left and will graduate in December and finally be a physical therapist!

Glad most of your classes are going well so far!

Interesting topic! I would say I love running, but I guess I do use it for the health benefits as well. I don’t feel like I get “enough” of a workout in doing anything else. Probably because I’m a beginner in cycling, yoga, etc., so I don’t feel like I get as much out of those. But I the feeling I get from running, too!

I’m 19, and I just finished my first year at the vet uni. 5 more years to go.
I don’t run, because I have asthma, and running equals torture to me. I ran before, but it was more like walking really fast 😀
Though, I wish I could run…

I ran the city with P. Diddy as well. 2003 NYC marathon 2003 – I’ll never forget it! Even though I don’t run much these days, the day I ran that marathon was one of the best days of my life. So much energy in that city.

I used to love running, but one day, I realized I didn’t love it so much any more. It had become a chore, and so I stopped. Much happier now.

My favorite Amy’s meal? Honestly, I haven’t had that many. I do love her ketchup. Does that count? 😉

interesting post! for sure. i am surprised he doesn’t do it for the love of the run. personally i do like to do a 5k or a 10k here and there, it is nice to get out and do that when it is for a good cause, but on a daily basis i don’t love running. that is why my cardio consists of short, quick interval training. 30 minutes 3 times a week tops for me!

Hmm…that is a good question. Some days I love running, others I do not. I’m working on only doing it when I feel like it, though it’s hard to figure out sometimes.

Beautiful picture of you and your daughter!!!

Not gonna lie…I used to run just for the calorie-burning…but now, I’m hooked. I can’t live without a day of running, because it practically keeps me sane, and it sets me off on a good mood. On days when I don’t run, I just feel like something’s missing, and I have NO appetite! But I don’t know why running is considered a weight management tool…It makes me hungry and I end up eating a lot more, which actually works well for me! 🙂

I didn’t use to love running and definitely ran for the calorie burn. Running totally worked and helped me lose the baby weight (and then some) so I stuck with it. Like you, the endorphin rush afterwords made it totally worth it. Lately though, something has changed. I really DO love to run.

I’ve never had an Amy’s meal! Crazy?? I’ll have to check them out.

LOVE the pic of you and you baby girl. Tons of props for being a mom AND a student. I can’t even imagine!

I woke up thinking about Annie’s Ketchup…not Amy’s. Hehe. However, I do love AMY’S pizza. 😉
Thanks again for the shout-out my friend. By the way, love that picture of you and your daughter, and I admire you so much for continuing with your education. I’m sure it’s not east trying to balance everything. You inspire me. 🙂

love that mound of nut butter 🙂

how crazy life can be sometimes, but isn’t that the fun of it? life always throws you surprise, you just gotta be ready and hold on 🙂

p.s. thanks for the advice about the funk – i wholeheartedly believe in that too. sometimes we just need a bit of a reminder!

I used to run, but I’m on a temporary break to heal my shin splits. Honestly, I began running to shape up and lose weight, but really ended up enjoying. I’m the kind of girl with absolute no coordination, = sucks at sports. Running made me realize that I could actually be good (not great) at something if I tried hard enough (physically). Like you said, half the time I enjoy my runs, and the other times, not so much. And love the sweaty cardio feeling I get afterwards. The injuries though? Not so much again!

I haven’t tried too many Amy’s meals (gasp), so I can’t say. It’s been too long! Need to fix that asap 😉

I think Meghann mentioned that she actually gained weight while training for a marathon. Or was that someone else…I forget. At any rate, I think running is good for you and can help keep wait down, but it also makes you hungrier. I love running mostly as a soul-filling movement.

Wow, that’s weird that he does’t even like running. You think someone who ran multiple marathons would at least not mind running, and somewhat enjoy it. Couldn’t he find another form of exercise he enjoyed a bit? It seems horrible to do all that training for marathons if you despise what you’re doing.

And I’m taking A & P, too! I’m not too thrilled with out lab, either. It’s 3 hours long! Ugh.

And I do run! I do it for my health, for the sense of accomplishment I get, and because I truly enjoy it. Most runs, anyways! I love racing, too 😀 And meeting other runners–they’re a great group of people in general 🙂

Holy nut butter girl, that looks A-M-A-zing! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I really liked your questions about running in this post. Running is my new love, but I know I have to be careful with it. If you haven’t read my post on why I run, I think you might enjoy it
Hope you have a great day! xoxo

Your posts with all that nut butter seriously make me so happy!! I’m glad to see someone else who loves it as much as me 🙂

I’m not a runner.. in fact I pretty much despise it! Once in a while If i’m angry or something I’ll get the urge to run but other than athat I prefer other types of exercise!

I run! I do it for the feel during and the feel after…. I do it for the calorie burn, the endorphins and the peace and quiet to myself. I do it for a lot of reasons. Sometime I hate it but more often I LOVE it! Great post!

Hey! Just discovered your blog from Lainie’s @ Deliciously Fit!

I’m also a student and have 2 more years RX school to go after this year…blah.

I run mostly to keep in shape and I have to say I’m not the biggest fan of it…but I want to run in a half-marathon (maybe full) again for that awesome feeling of accomplishment!

I am taking a break from running right now because I hurt my knee, but normally I run because of the exercise aspect. Not really weight, but more I think its good for my body to be in good shape etc.
Don’t worry about a few detours on the way to graduation, its great that you are still going for it. Your daughter is adorable.

I am 22 and a student, last year… maybe lol. I love to workout most of the time and I find that if I get into a rut when I am doing it to stay in shape rather then enjoyment I stop working out its that simple I need to be having some fun/enjoying it a bit or else I do HATE IT!

I run because when I was younger, well, I couldn’t! I hated it, I sucked at it, and now the fact that I CAN do it shows me what I am capable of.

Plus I love the runners high… I love the feeling of getting up at 5am, running for 2 hours and having accomplished more by 7am than 99% of the rest of the world has by that point in time…. I love that I can eat more because I run :)….. I run because it keeps my heart healthy…. because it keeps me sane….. ok, is that enough reasons I should probably stop now 🙂

Also you asked about the ratio of ingredients in my recipe… to be honest I hate to speculate because I’m new to “vegan” baking which I’ve found to be very different than regular baking!

Like I mentioned in my post, the dough ROCKS but the cooked product isn’t quite as good so I have some tweaking to do with that.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Just like Sophia @ Burp and Slurp, I used to run for the quick and dirty calorie burn but grew to love it. I ran a Half Marathon last April and then stopped running due to an IT band that was giving me grief.

Now, I cross-train and am much happier (and so is my leg!)

Fave Amy’s meal is definitely the Roasted Vegetable Pizza! Love it topped with balsamic-vinaigrette dressed greens! Yum!

pink ladies are my favorite apple!

I’m a student and 23 too and I start my first semester of grad school classes next week! Labs do suck big time though!

Its definitely a good question on why we run. I know when I was running a lot I loved the runners high but I also put on a few lbs bc my appetite was insane! But running is also great for thinking purposes

I really love to run, it makes me feel wonderful. But there are definitely days where I think Ijust need to go burn a few calories and running is a fast way to do that

Awww The picture with your daughter is so precious. 🙂

Your daughter is sooo adorable! I’m 24 and still a student. I went to grad school right after undergrad and am doing a dietetic internship right now.

I also love the way I feel after a run. Sometimes I don’t enjoy it when I run and sometimes, it feels amazing.

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