Preparing to Jam

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Did ya miss me?  It’s all good, you can be honest 😉     I am feeling better finally!  

I have seen enough of the hospital to hold me over for a year! 


I can handle IV’s pretty well but, I would much rather drink my fluids 🙂

 The hives are still gone and I am managing the migraines with ibuprofen and hydration. 

My eats have been very redundant lately.

I have been following my dreams



Oh yeah, that’s the stuff



And just what accompanied this deliciousness?




Stonyfield Organic yogurt, regular flavored Puffins ( I had missed these!) , and a splash of 365 chocolate soymilk!

Speaking of Puffins, check out this giveaway for Puffins and more!

I also have been all about some veggie pitas! Sorry for the blurry phone pix, the birthday is in a lil over a month now


Organic teriyaki sauce (WF), red peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, nutritional yeast and Horizon cheese (I think the cheese was hiding, no?)


Snuffy has been teething on cold carrots


I think she was actually pointing the carrot at Pedro here.  Snuffy and Pedro are partners in crime. 

He especially loves her when she has food.


yup I wheeled her highchair to the bottom of the stairs so that I could keep and eye on her from the master bathroom while I got ready for work.  She loves it when I make her real breakfast.  Today was scrambled eggs with cheese and toast.  I put the eggs and cheese in the magic bullet to make them nice and fluffy before I add them to the pan.   Her “toast” was arnold sandwich thins, toasted in the same pan.

She needed a filling breakfast for a big day.  She had a birthday party to attend!  It was so hot that the main event was a huge water fight! 

Snuffy was soaked!


Since she was already wet, she got to have a water bottle out of the “big kid” cooler.

She also accompanied me on a walk/jog on the trail this past weekend.


All ready to go!

Now for the highlight of my weekend…

Everyday I had been singing,  “Oh no, wait a minute Mr. Postman”



Look what I won from Julie Go Lean !


I love the artwork on the lids!

These are from Crofter’s! They are organic Superfruit Spreads!  I recieved the four spread named after the continents of Asia, North America , South America and Europe.  Each spread is made with different superfruits!  I will post more about them when I use them in some eats!! I can’t wait! Thanks Julie!

Did you grow up with homemade traditional breakfast each morning or were you a cereal and pop-tart kid?


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20 Responses to “Preparing to Jam”

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Oh, I’m so glad you are feeling better. Keep poppin’ the ibprofen 😉
I wanted to win that jam! Haha. It looks so cool with the superfood flavors. Please let us know how it is!

Glad you are feeling better!

I can’t believe how much you go through with those migraines! You poor thing. 😦 I’m glad you are feeling better.

What a clever idea pushing her over to the bottom of the stairs so you can still get ready and keep an eye on her while she eats! I love those little “tricks” you figure out along the way as mom’s!

Oh my, I was a cereal and pop-tart kid!! Of course, they were only “low sugar cereal”, but my mom let me mix the “healthy” cereal with my Lucky Charms and Captain Crunch if I wanted. Sometimes she’d let me get Pop-Tarts, but only with a glass of milk! Thanks mom, hehe, she turned me into a health nut!

So sorry you’ve been in and out of the hospital! I hope your feeling better!!

oh mmmm the DCD combo you concocted sounds PERFECTO. glad you are back to posting!! and hospitals blow. i am sorry. love the photo of snuffy and pedro, too cute. you won julie’s jam! that stuff looks so good, can’t wait to see you utilize it. hope all is on the up and up!! oh and we would have breakfast cooked mostly every morning before school, usually just french toast or something easy, saturdays was cold cereal day and sunday was usually something bigger like pancakes and eggs.

Glad to hear you’re feeling better finally!! 🙂

Ugh needles…scary. Glad you feel better!
That chocolate PB looks to die for!

SO glad you got the jam! make sure to rock out with it. jam with jam? haha uh bad joke.

keep following your dreams girl. haha. bad joke 2

Good to hear you’re doing MUCH better! Migraines are absolutely NO joke :(.

I have to say I was a cereal and poptart kid….Now I think they brand Poptarts as dessert in probably not good that we ate those ALL the time 😉

so glad you’re feeling better!!! Love all the pictures of the little cutie! I was def a cereal kid! Or toast

I’m glad you’re feeling better, girl! Love all the pics – your baby girl always looks so cute in her little outfits! Congrats on the prize!! Is it weird that I have no idea about my childhood breakfasts??! I’ll have to ask my mom. I know she sent me off with lunches and cooked every night…. but breakfast is lost on me?!

omg !!! im so sorry you poor thing 😦 im so glad you are feeling better though!!

ooo DCD ❤ it!!! and crofters spreads are quite tasty! cant wait to hear how you like the superfruit flavors! 🙂 xoxox

We live so close!! Did you know I live in Columbus? I had no idea you lived in Cinci! I went to Miami University 🙂 So, we were even closer at one point in time! haha

I actually considered attending Miami for dietetics but the commute was a bit much! Yup, we are pretty close. We’ll have to have a “blogger meet up” sometime!

I’m so glad that you are feeling better! Migraines and hives are definitely no fun 😦

Cute toddlers and pups are always partners in crime, hehe. Although the pup sometimes steals from the toddler!

I grew up eating a traditional breakfast until the old age of 7. Haha, that’s when I started eating my eggos and honey nut cheerios (I never had poptarts though).

I’m glad you’re back!!! *HUG** I hope you feel much much better! Hospitals and IVs are no fun at all. May you NEVER have to visit ever again! But yay for your awesome wins!

Your little one is so adorable! Glad to hear you’re feeling better and can enjoy that yummy jam soon 🙂

OH wow! So glad that you are out of the hospital. Hope you are feeling better!

I grew up having cereal and pop-tarts

HI! I just found your blog – it’s wonderful! Glad to hear you are feeling better…I look forward to reading more!

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