MIA due to Migraines

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Hey all!! Sorry for leaving you guys for so long!  The good news is those nasty hives are gone!  The bad news is that I found myself in the ER again last night.  Grrr…. 

I had a migraine beginning last Friday and stretching into last night.  I have a prescription for pain meds but I HATE taking prescription meds and at this point all they were doing was making me extra nauscious (sp?) anyway.  Saturday and Sunday, the pain and nausea had gotten so bad that I couldn’t keep down food OR water.  Pretty scary stuff.   I got really concerned about dehydration. 

So, last night at about 9:30pm I finally drove myself to the ER while Snuffy lie cozey in her crib with her Daddy home to watch over her. 

I was given (of course) fluids, pain meds, and anti-nausea meds.  Within a few hours many long hours, I was feeling much better. 

So, I drove myself home.  By this time I was starving!! I mean , come on , I couldn’t keep food down for two days!!

I walked into the kitchen at TWO A.M. and ripped open an Amy’s Echilada meal ( for some reason wordpress won’t let me add pics right now…..what the french toast!)

It was awesome.

I promptly passed out and got up for work at 6:45AM.  Then I had my usual appointments tonight until 9:30. 

Just wanted to let you guys know I am alive.

In other news, Mallard let me have an old work camera of his but at only 3x zoom it isn’t really much if at all better than my phone…OH BIRTHDAY FAIRY!!!


When was the last time you had to suck it up and go to the hospital?  Do you take prescription meds?  What’s your opinion on them?


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20 Responses to “MIA due to Migraines”

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Glad you are feeling better!
Thank you also for the lunch bag tip. I will have to look for a BUILT bag for sure, especially since it’s eco-friendly.

So sorry about the migraine, glad you found some relief. It’s so hard when mama gets sick!

Yikes, sorry you have gone through all of that. Hope you are feeling 100% soon!

Wow, I am really sorry. My sister used to have horrible debilitating migraines. I cant imagine. I hope things are getting better. Do you know what causes/triggers them? I cant believe you drove yourself to the er!! Get better :)!!


aww girlie I am so sorry to hear about the migraines!!

What the french toast!? Haha, I love that one!
Well, I’m sorry to hear about your migranes, I’ve never experience one but I hear they are NO fun. I think prescription pills are really great if they really help with an ailment that can’t be fixed any other way. If something is going to help you with your migraines, I say take it and don’t hesitate! Normally I would start suggesting a “natural” or more “ogranic” and dye free diet, but you already have such a diet, so I would say take the pill and enjoy feeling better.

Aww I’m sorry about your hospital incident! Hope your feeling better!

oh no – you’re hardcore driving yourself there and back, girl! Glad you’re feeling better. I haven’t sucked it up and gone to the doctor since I guess last fall (for a shot to make my sinus problems go away temporarily). I take prescription meds always, but not over the counter. Is that weird? haha

The last time I was in the hospital was when I gave birth to my (now 18 month old) baby. I hate meds and don’t take them unless I NEED to. However I am all for meds if it keeps people from getting MORE sick. For instance, if you feel a migraine coming on, it might be better to attack the headache with a small does of meds at the beginning instead of waiting until you have to go to the hospital. 😦 You poor thing. So sorry. Glad you are doing better now though!

I take a daily medicine for headaches because for a while last year I was getting really debilitating migraines every time I ran, they would last for days and I’d be throwing up and had really blurry vision and was pretty much incapacitated. So even though I hate taking the medicine, I do it because I needed to be able to function and I wasn’t really willing to stop running altogether. So it’s been worth it I guess. Glad you’re feeling better!

ick sorry about the migranes!! 😦 last time i went to the hospital ummm hmmm uh i guess when i broke my arm 2.5 years ago, i had no choice, i took an ambulance there and was there a week! glad you are alive. umm prescrip meds? yes i take them whenever i am prescribed. i like them because they make me better.

You husband dips?? I knew I was bound to find someone who lived with a dipper 🙂 Funny thing is, Nick used to brush his teeth ALL THE TIME too. I think it’s because he needed to make sure to hide the nasty brown flakes that sometimes stayed put on his teeth, gross.
As for quitting, the Chantix really worked well, and despite the warnings I think it’s worth it (as long as your husband doesn’t have any serious psychological problems). Also caffeine seems to be helping Nick a lot. If yours husband would like to give Chantix a try, I have a free month’s worth here at my house!! HE should see a doctor for the prescription, but after that I can send the free moth’s package!

aww glad you’re feeling much better! I try and stay away from the pain meds too! I like to see if my body can fight it off first

Oh dear! I’m so sorry you had to make a trip to the hospital…it’s never fun! But I’m glad you’ve got your groove and your appetite back…that’s always a good sign!

omg! im so sorry you have not been feeling well!!! please take all the time you need to feel better girl!!!!!!!!!!!! sending lots of love and positive thoughts your way xoxoxox

oh my gosh girl! I am so glad you are better- that is super scary! Last time I went to the hospital was with my digestive issues…they ended up keeping me over night to push everything through my system=fun fun!

Oh my goodness, that sounds like some serious migraine pain. I suffer from ocasional migraines on my left side, but nothing that serious. I am so sorry. Take care of yourself and keep us updated!

Oh so sorry to hear about that! I’ve had migraines but never that bad. The last time I went the er was after 3 weeks of nightly calf cramps that just wouldn’t stop…ouch.

i think in some cases i find medicine to work…in others night really. this past year my goal has been to focus on the right foods to help my body stay in balance

Thank you so much for sharing your story about your rescue dog with me! 🙂

Thanks for your question on my blog 🙂 I’ve never heard about the disadvantages of roasting peanuts, as far as omega-3, but peanuts really don’t have much omega-3 anyway. Walnuts, however, have much more. The benefits of nuts are the monounsaturated fats, and the Vitamin E. In roasted nut butters, with omega-3, the omega-3 is usually added after the roasting process, so no harm is done to the omega-3.

Hope this helps!

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