Sun Salutations And Supermarket Shopping

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Does anyone say “supermarket” anymore?  I know I don’t.  I usually use the words “grocery store”.  

Aaaaaaaaannnnyway….how was your Sunday?  Did you have a relaxing day or were you busy preparing for the dreaded Monday? 

Snuffy began her day with a taste test…


Nature Valley toaster pastries in raspberry !




I began my Sunday with sun salutations.  That’s right, I got to practice at my new yoga studio!  It was everything I had hoped for.  I left feeling grounded and refreshed.  I was ready to begin my day!

I arrived home and literally had to pass Mallard in the doorway.   He was almost late for his tee time!  He needed a relaxing day of golf with his dad 🙂

Snuffy and I took it upon ourselves to replenish the pantry…and the fridge. 

She likes to drive herself


Of course we made our usual stops:  Kroger, Whole Foods and the “W” word (for my Naturally More)



I go through A JAR of this EVERY WEEK!




I won’t give ALL the boring details.  But, we came home with a few of the usual suspects






Of course there was much more…

I came accross a few new finds as well




I was so excited to find the Peanut Butter and Jelly flavor!! I cannot wait to try it.




I have seen these all over the blog world and have yet to get my hands on ’em.  I always buy Arnold’s whole wheat bread for Snuffy because of the good ingredient list.  So, I figured I would try the sandwich thins too.



New Snuffy snacks.




Interesting find that found so intriguing…I had to pick up just one.



These have been spotted on many a blogger’s menu as well!  I think they will be a fab addition to my Hugh Jass Salads!



I have had quite the hankering (who says that?) for my old peanut butter flavored, sugary cereal lately.  So, I picked up the organic WF brand  or something close.  However, I wish I would have sprung for the name brand after reading Jenny’s post.


While I was putting away the groceries, I realized that Snuffy was MIA.  I expected to find her engaged in some sort of cliche activity since it was close to nap time and when she is tired, Snuff gets a lil wild.

But, instead I found her rocking herself  to sleep.


I guess she knew it was naptime, too.


What’s your favorite way to unwind or recharge? 

Do you practice yoga, go for a long run or maybe sit down in a comfy chair with a good book and a hot tea?


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23 Responses to “Sun Salutations And Supermarket Shopping”

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So many products in this post that I want to try! Namely the Ezekiel products and Naturally More 🙂
Snuffy is precious.
I don’t do yoga as often as I should, but I have a nightly ritual of tea + book to wind down.

Love all those pictures (especially the ones of Snuffy : )

Oooh, enjoy your PB&J Lara, I can’t wait to try that kind!!

I do yoga, read, color and write to wind down and sometimes a hot bath with a glass of wine is on the agenda as well.

I love food shopping! So fun to look through all the products and dream up fabulous lunches/dinners 🙂 I called it the food store because my mom always have. My friends tease me about it 😉 Glad you enjoyed the yoga

I wind down with a long walk or a good book.
Great purchases at the store! I actually have a picture of my almost empty jar of Naturally More for my post tomorrow! Oh, and I can’t wait to try that new Larbar flavor.
Do you own a yoga studio? Or are you just going to a new place, and calling it yours? Either way, so fun! I need to get into yoga, I’m a pilates girl right now.

I like to unwind by cuddling with my boyfriend 🙂 I know cheezy right!

Snuffy is sooo adorable!!

Oh my… your little girl is way too cute in these pics. I love it. Great buys! I’m ready to get to the grocery store once we move on Wednesday.
I love to blog when I need to recharge.

Some good food! I love your little girl. So cute.
I always say grocery store b/c that’s what my parents say.

hey girl! you won my jam giveaway 🙂 shoot me an email at juliegolean@gmailDOTcom with your address!

Love all of your pics – your little girl is presh!! I hope you love the thins – we do! I call it a grocery store – fo sho!

My favorite way to relax/unwind is definitely reading – a book, a blog or even a magazine!!

such good eats in this post! i love naturally more and those ezekiel wraps. your little girl is a DOLL! i love to unwind with my pooches~they always relax me.

Such a sweet baby girl! I love those Mary’s Gone Crackers, and I’m totally drooling over the new PB&J Larabar, I haven’t seen it yet!

Cute baby!!! I always but Arnolds ww bread. Its my fams fav. I used the sandwich thins for a while and then stopped because I realized the ww have suclarose in them and I avoid fake chemical sweeteners :(. Bummer cause they were good. I still buy them occasionally though for the fam.


I didn’t realize that! Thanks for the info, I should be more investigative.

Oh your little Snuffy is such a cutie!! I get nervous at my house if it’s too quiet! Usually means my little rug rats are into something! LOL!

not going to lie – totally jealous of ALL of your food.
I love those pb pows – they kick puffins butt! I am just dying to find that larabar!! it sounds sooo good!

Fav way to unwind…curl up with my laptop to blog with a MEGA bowl of oats!

you have such great food finds!! I’ve seen Naturally More everywhere around the blogworld and I’ve only tried the almond butter…but it’s really not that much different than all other brands! Hmmm i’m so curious now about the peanut butter if you can go through a jar a week, it’s gotta be pretty darn awesome!! 🙂

Gosh Snuffy is SO SO cute!

I say “supermarket”! 😉 (A supermarket is not the same thing as a grocery store — the former sells things like paper goods, and the latter only sells food. Of course, that’s just my opinion!)

❤ ❤

Snuffy is so adorable! I really want to try PB Pows because people have said they taste like PB Panda cereal which I love (but is super expensive). I relax by reading or watching a movie or going to the beach!

Your daughter is beautiful! too precious:)

omg snuffy is the cutest little darling EVER!!!!!!!!

great finds! i love marys gone crackers 🙂 they are so tasty! have a great weekend xoxoxo

What a cute happy little girl!! I never really thought about it, but I’m pretty sure I always say grocery store and not supermarket. All of your food looks awesome, so many things I want to try!

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