Sunny Days and Date Night

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Hey all!   Saturday night already?  I can’t believe the weekend is over halfway over! 

My weekend began nicely! I was out of work by noon!  Yup, I’m just that good 😉  Truthfully, I just powered through my workload so that I could spend some much needed family time.  Mallard got home by early afternoon as well.  So, we loaded up the dogs and Snuffy and set out for our favorite park. 



Snuffy had a great time! 

She is my little climber!  I tried to get a pic of her climbing the rock wall (seriously!).  But, of course the phone cam was uncooperative!


The puppies had a blast as well!  Mallard’s dog loves to swim.  So, she took full advantage of the pond.




Of course both the puppies had to have baths when we got home.  Peanut because of her dip in the pond and Pedro because, as always, he found some sticky, sugary substance to roll in.   Ewww!

Later that night we watched “He’s Just Not That Into You”.   I had read the book way back in the day.  The movie was cute.  It was pretty much what I had expected and it did showcase some well-known actors.


Tonight was date night!  Mallard and I had not been out to dinner since Valentine’s Day!  I know that sounds insane.  But, with nursing school, work and Snuffy, a night out had been pretty tough to pencil in.  Secondly, eating in saves us sooo much money! 

Mallard picked up some overtime at work but he still managed to start our date off right. 

 He arrived home with one dozen pink roses!


His parents drove the hour to our house to party with Snuffy for the evening.  I always bake something when they come over.

Today it was  peanut butter cookies!  They were ginormous!


Please excuse the awful phone pix!  I can’t wait to get a decent camera!

We had originally planned to go see the movie “The Hangover”.  But, when we arrived in the theater, we couldn’t find two seats together!  We weren’t even late!  But, it was okay because we had wanted to see “Funny People” as well…I love me some Adam Sandler.  I hadn’t really seen the previews for “Funny People”.  I did enjoy it.  It was…as you may have already guessed, funny.  If you saw “Click” , it may seem similar.  I say this because the movie carries a lesson to be learned. 

After the movie, we went to Abuelo’s for dinner! 

Abuelo’s salsa is my favorite!


I wish I had a decent camera because my phone would have done no good in the low light of the restaurant 😦  

But, Mallard ordered the fajitas with shrimp, chicken, AND beef. 

It looked pretty close to this



I ordered the vegetarian fajitas!  I got the refried beans instead of the charro beans which have bacon in them.   Mallard loves charro beans and I’m sure most people find ’em delicious.  But, bacon is just not my thing.  I also got corn tortillas instead of flour (personal preference, my tummy thanks me).  Mallard ordered a platinum margarita.  I ordered a black coffee.  I know, I know…coffee isn’t such a healthful choice.  But, I haven’t had alcohol in six months and I wasn’t feelin’ the tequila tonight.  Plus, it was freezing in there!!   However, my meal rocked!  It was seriously the BEST vegetarian fajitas I have ever eaten!  Normally, when I order veg fajitas at a hole-in-the-wall Mexican joint, they consist of onion, peppers and MAYBE some mushrooms soaked in oil and cooked to death.  NOT THE CASE HERE!  They had broccoli, mushrooms, squash, onions, red and green peppers and tomatoes all lightly sauteed. 

Since Snuffy couldn’t join us on our dinner date, we brought her home a little something.


I had forgotten how much more sodium is used in restaurant food than what I eat at home.  I  have been so crazy thirsty all night!  Don’t get me wrong, it was delectable.   But, I don’t miss eating out every week.  I like knowing what goes in my body 🙂 

This past week, I rediscovered my love for fresh peaches!!



I have been loving my nut butters lately, too!!


A ridiculous amount of Raw Almond Butter and Naturally More with a deliciously ugly pear and some celery!


More Naturally More with Amarantha

 As if my nut butter love isn’t exciting enough, I have more fun in store.

I’m going to try out a new yoga studio tomorrow!  It is only about 7 miles from my house and even CLOSER to work.  I can’t wait!


So, you have read my many woes about my lack of a decent camera.  I will be purchasing one soon, hopefully! 

I need recommendations!  Hey bloggers, what type of camera do you use?


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9 Responses to “Sunny Days and Date Night”

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I use a Cannon PowerShot A720IS and love it!

Good for you for finally getting out on a date, better late than never, right? I think date nights are one of those things that you should never stop doing, in order to keep that “Spark” alive! Mexican food is one of my favorites, especially the refried beans, but apparently those aren’t your thing 🙂

My camera is a Sony and I really like it. There are so many cameras out there now though, mine is pretty old (about 5 years). In other words, I don’t know much, but good luck with your search and share your purchase with us when it happens! I need a new camera myself.

Wonderful sounding date night! : ) We actually went to Funny People last night too, but I was kinda disappointed in it. Maybe after seeing the preview my expectations were too high, ha.

And I certainly understand the whole sodium content in restaurants that you’re not used to … I agree!

Enjoy your Sunday!

your daughter is too cute 🙂 glad you had a fun date night– the flowers are beautiful!!

i use the sony cyber shot and i love it 🙂 !!

hope you enjoy the new yoga place xoxoxox

I still haven’t seen He’s Just Not That Into You, but I def want to! Looked like it would be cute. What a fun date night- those are GORGEOUS roses (how romantic ;). I love Adam Sandler and am hoping to catch that. I enjoyed click. Hope you have a great week

I love date night! I agree with you on eating out- I get so freakin bloated!

I use a Canon Powershot SD550! It’s pretty good!

Date night!! How fun!!!!

wow those flowers look so pretty!!
love me some raw almond butter!

how sweet of Mallard! I’m so glad you guys got a personal time to yourselves.
And I’m looking for a new camera too. Mine sucks. I wish I had the money for a SLR, but will have to stick to a Canon Powershot SD series instead for the time being.

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