Bees Knees And Hives

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Hey ladies …and gents!  Do I have any guy readers?  What a week!  Mallard was going to be out of town for 4 days but, it turned out to only be two! 

So, we spent some family time on Sunday!  Where did we go?  What did we do?


To the flea market of course!  What a great place for overpriced, unnecessary knic knacks and people watching!  Next time we go, I will take pictures of the diverse array of junk food available.   Mallard is just warming up to my habit of taking pictures of everything for the blog.  Plus, I hate to take so many pictures on his work camera. 

We had fun…



Hmmm…this sign was just hanging randomly near some jewelry and sunglass vendors…              Um…what???


I still haven’t decided whether I feel that this was funny or not



One will quickly realize that the flea market is NOT the place to shop for clothing


Kudos to the bad ass mamba jamma that pulls this off!





This was something I would expect to find at a market of fleas…check out the disinterested guy in the background.  I would be bummed too, Buddy.  Can’t say I blame ya.


Thou shalt not buy purses at the flea market either.



Snuffy  had fun just taking it all in




She was content and quiet.  Then, I heard her say  “Duck!  Duck!”  I was confused. 

But, wait…


Okay, so it’s a goose.  But, any kind of water fowl is a duck in Snuffy speak.

By the end of our excursion, Mallard had found a leather case for his new blackberry (I’m jealous as all get out)

and I found some cheap sunglasses.  I haven’t had sunglasses to wear all summer.  Snuff accidentally broke them and I was too lazy indecisive cheap to buy another pair.  Snuffy has two pairs of her own, what gives?!




Simple, cheap…works for me!


Of course, they won’t last long for obvious reasons.




After we got home, I realized I HAD to go grocery shopping.  We were out of almost everything!

I didn’t take pix of all my groceries like I normally do because it was literally repeats of the last two grocery trips. 

I did pick up a jar of heaven …Oh how I love PB and Co!!!


And just what did I do with it? 



Mix it with some plain Oikos and defrosted ‘nana.  Then, I stirred my delicious concoction into my oats!

And ya know I’ve been seeing lots of my friend HUGH




Hugh Jass Salad

cherry tomatoes

Lots of Spinach





steamed carrots

Creamy Yogurt dressing


So, you saw the Bees Knees…

This will be graphic:  but check out what happened to my knees! and arms, legs, stomach, back and face, hands ….


Ewww!!!  I have had AWFUL hives off and on for three days!!! They raise up all over my body and itch like crazy!! I couldn’t get into the doctor so I finally went to Urgent Care (basically like an ER clinic) last night.  Their answer was that they had none.  I haven’t change ANYTHING at all lately.  I have had the same shampoo, soap, detergent, fabric softener, food, drink, blankets, mattress, pets, ….and I haven’t gone anywhere new!  I hate to take meds because I am currently on no medication and I would like to keep it that way.  However, I made an exception and took the prednisone, benadryl/zyrtec and pepcid that I was prescribed.  The hives subsided and then returned at 3am all over my wrists and palms!  Today, I saw my regular physician for a follow-up and my hives began to break out again while I was in his office!  So, he raised my prednisone dosage.   Blah! 

Prednisone is actually a steroid prescribed quite often for hives and other histamine reactions.  Side effects include stomach upset, headache, dizziness, trouble sleeping, or weight gain may occur.   Fan-freaking-tastic.  I am reminded why I do not regularly take medication.  But, at this time, I just want to stop swelling and itching!

Have you ever had an unexplained allergic reaction?  Do tell!

Question for all of you runners out there:

Do you own a wrist-mounted GPS watch? Which one?  I am thinking the Forerunner 50 may do all I need.  It is soooo much less expensive than the others!  But, I wonder if the difference in cost means a difference in quality as well.  I want something to measure distance, heart rate, count cals and tell me where in the world I am if I’m running on a trail.

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15 Responses to “Bees Knees And Hives”

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I don’t think I’ve ever been to a flea market, but it sure sounds like an interesting experience 🙂 Your daughter is so cute rocking th sun glasses 🙂 I haven’ tried that flavor of PB&Co but I really want to – yum!

I hope your mysterious hives get better!!!

Yikes! That looks painful. I’ve never had an unexplained allergic reaction, which is surprising since I have some bad allergies! I was surprised in Florida when I was the only one who reacted to the “Sand flea bites”, does that count ?

Love the new sunglasses! I am all about buying/wearing cheap sunglasses. I ctually heard that even the most expensive sunglasses only cost about 2 dollars to make! Crazy.

I’ll have to try that “Bees Knees”, so far I’ve only tried the White Chocolate Wonderful, which is excellent!

Yikes! Sorry about the hives.

I am not a runner but my husband runs long distances and he loves his garmen 305. It meausres all of the things you mentioned but it is a bit bulky.

I always get unexplained allergic reactions! I think sometimes dander might be in the air or something and it gets on me.

Ah the lovely prednisone.. I’ve given that way too many times at the hospital! But the weight gain side effects only happen if your taking it long term or you just stop abruptly!

Oh man!!! That’s not cool! Try to stay on the meds JUST LONG ENOUGH to get rid of the swelling and then STOP. Keep us updated. Sorry about that 😦

Ha ha that purse is too funny who whould carry that around?
Your sunglasses are cute. I am looking for a new pair myself.
I really wish The Peanut Butter Co sold to the UK all of the flavors sound delish!

I hope your hives go away soon!
I have yet to try the bees knees pb! I have heard its really good though 🙂

Love the sunglasses! The little girl is too cute putting them on!
Hope your hives go away soon!

The flea market looks like a lot of fun! I’ve only been once or twice but you definitely can find some interesting things there.

I’ve never had an unexplained allergic reaction but I’ve had hives a few times after taking antibiotics. So sorry you have them – I know they’re tortuous. I think the eternal itching is one of the punishments in hell – it’s uncomfortable enough. Prednisone is definitely a drug to avoid if you can, but hives is one reason to take it with gusto.

Yikes! Your poor knee! That is so bizarre. I hope the medication helps.
I don’t have an HRM but I’m looking forward to reading the responses because I really want to get one!

Yum! I’ve been wanting to try That flavor of PB! Sounds so good!

You’re so cute! I always buy cheapy sunglasses too. I really wish I could find PB and Co. around here. Boo. 😦

oh my god those hives are CUHRAZED! hope you never get them again!

those sunglasses are stud worthy 🙂 your daughter rocked them well!

have a fab weekend.

oh btw how’d you get a picture of my boyfriend…I TOLD him he needed to gain weight, his bones are just sticking out way to much now.

Ack! Those are rather bad hives! I hope they clear up soon! At least you had a fun day though!
And haha, I always wonder if I have guy readers too.

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