Shall she drink?

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Hello my loves!  How was your weekend?  We stayed in.  Mallard rented “The Curious Case Of Benjamen Button” and “My Best Friend’s Girl”.  I really liked “The Curious Case Of Benjamen Button”.  I kind of knew that I would like it though.  I had heard great things about it from my girls at work.  “My Best Friends Girl” was what I expected it to be:  fairly funny with an okay storyline.  It wasn’t quite as much of a chick flick as I had thought it would be though. 

Of course, Snuffy and I went grocery shopping on Saturday! 

She had a great time…


Let’s hope she’s a better driver than her mommy


She snacked on a mixture of yogurt raisins and organic plain raisins


You know the routine







    Yes, I have my own reusable venti cup…what? I’m saving the earth!

So, I guess you wanna see the loot…


Grapes and Spinach…



I saw cookies n cream through that frosty freezer door and I HAD to have it!


DSC01250  Produce!! Bananas, pears, apples, carrots…


I bought some celery too…


But, I had to take it back! At first, I thought this was just the usual celery dirt but then I looked more closely and saw that these tiny black specks had moving legs!!  EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!  Kroger’s produce department has let me down once again.  Last week brown holes in my kale and this week bugs in my celery!  I took it back to Kroger and the customer service girl  acted like it was no biggie…she just wanted to know if I wanted to pick out another bunch of celery or if  I preferred a refund.  When I told her I was afraid that another bunch from the same place may have the same issue AND that I had gotten bad kale last week, she was completely unapologetic! 

I was not a happy girl



Now I remember why I love Whole Foods!  After I recieved my $2.00 refund (lol) I trucked over to Whole Foods to get some decent celery!!



Kroger did have some decent steamers though



Remember the new dressing I bought last week? 

Well, I love it!  So, I picked up two other flavors by that brand…and another flavor of Amy’s BBQ.  The Amy’s BBQ that I have is a lil too acidic for me.  I will letcha know how this one tastes 😉




I plan to take my Ezekiel tortillas out of the freezer this week and make some bean burritos with organic sour cream, spinach, salsa….and whatever else seems to fit!



Okay, so I don’t normally ever buy tuna because tuna fishing is so awful for the environment in so many ways: everything from the fuel used for the fishing boats and transportation of the fish to the tuna fishing itself.  But, I have been really craving tuna salad lately!! So, I decided to let myself step out of tree hugging mode for a moment (just a moment) and buy a can of tuna (just one can).  I also bought some Nasoya “mayonaise”.  I’ve never tried it before but I will let you all know how it goes.  I will probably use my standard “throw it in” tuna salad: tuna, mayo/dressing, celery (for some crunch!), relish and a bit of paprika!



I know you saw that coming!! I have found that my beloved AMY’S MEALS are great for my dinners that I must pack three nights every week now.



The nuggets are for a quick and easy main dish that Mallard can make for Snuffy on my long days.  The ground crumbles are for sloppy joes or Hugh Jass salads!!



Snuffy will love some organic tots with her meatless nuggets!



My regular dairy and non-dairies…and something I haven’t tried:  Tofutti cream cheese!  It’s going to be slathered on some Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin English Muffins!! YUM


I didn’t get to Trader Joe’s for their Raw AB.  So, I fell back into the arms of  The King of Raw Almond Butter.





Snuffy and I love our ‘nanas!



These will come in handy!  I love that they are just a bite!




I haven’t been able to drink wine for 6 months because of migraines! But, organic wine has few sulfites which equals less chance of migraine if any!


I will definitely let you all know how it turns out!


I also found these ON SALE!



You know what comes next…


and the finished product…



Grocery shopping wears Snuffy out!


When we arrived home I made Snuffy a special sandwich






PB and J Panini!



Snuffy chose to eat it with a fork



and with kale chips mixed in …lol don’t ask me!



Kale Chip Face!



and for mommy’s snack…

1/4 cup of oats cooked in 3/4 cup of water with these mix ins








I swear this Cinnamon Raisin PB and Co is the best yet! So, fragrant and comforting…





So, what’s your favorite oat bowl?  I know ya got one!

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10 Responses to “Shall she drink?”

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Wow. You guys were definitely busy at the grocery! I’ll tell you something, I used to get my romaine lettuce at Kroger, but then I stopped when I found little bugs embedded in the lettuce a few times. I started buying the same lettuce at Whole Foods, but then I found bugs in there too!! Now I strictly use the packaged kind (like the mixed lettuce you bought, Private Selections Organic) and I haven’t found one bug yet! 🙂

The Blackberry Honeywine sounds great. I love sweet wines. My favorite sweet wine is Reisling, but I also love Blueberry wine (I’ve only found it once, and it was amazing).

As for my favorite oat bowl, I am just not a huge oat girl. I do love to swirl peanut butter in my oats, or honey and brown sugar (when I do eat oats).

This post made me hungry lol. Good eats! How do those radish “chips” seriously taste? are they as bitter as raw radishes?
You are adorable, by the way!

Annabel, the radishes actually lose most of their bitter taste when they are baked. The flavor is sort of similar to that of a white potato.

Love all of your pics!! That is CRAZY disgusting about Kroger not getting it together enough to provide food without bugs! Ew! Bad Kroger! 😦 Love all of your new products!! Can’t wait to hear about them. And your top/necklace is adorable, as is snuffy of course! Great day! Hope the wine works out fo sho!! And i’m not an oat girl either – I tried it for the first time last month and just added bananas and splenda. I’m lame. 😦

wow girl you got so many great food!!
I am dying to try the cookies n cream frozen yogurt!
Oh and that cinnamon raisin pb is to die for 🙂 Loves it!

Oh my goodness gracious where to start??

All of your goodies look amazing! Let me know how those boca products are.. I’m a big boca burger fan!

wowww I would have been SO ticked that your celery had moving critters in it. NOT okay. glad WF did the job 🙂

love love love your starbreezies cup!

I just found your blog!! I look forward to reading more!!

I am so jealous of your starbucks cup, I have been looking for one and can’t find them 😦

Hmmm…maybe we need a SB cold cup give away sometime soon. Or, if you REALLY want one, shoot me an e-mail and I will check around here. Hello, US Postal Service 😉

Looks like a definite successful shopping trip!

Cookies n cream is my favorite : )

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