Gaining Knowledge, Growing Spinach

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Hi all!  Happy Friday!! Oh, thank goodness it’s here!  I have to start with letting you all know what an awesome Dad Mallard is.  I had my first very long day yesterday.  I had to drive to school , then back to work and THEN to my other meetings until 9PM!  So, Mallard had Ms. Snuffy.  He knows that I am pretty adamant about her nutrition.  So, he made her an all organic meal! That’s right, he drove to the grocery store and bought this

anniesHe also used organic chicken and earth balance in the box recipe AND added organic frozen mixed veggies!!! Oh how I wish I had pix of his culinary delights.  I’m sure Snuffy loved it!! I put the leftovers in individual containers and popped them in the freezer for him to defrost on my long days next week. 

Today, I made a Hugh Jass salad..



I was basically just trying to use up the last of the produce from this week sense I will go grocery shopping tomorro 










VERY ripe grape tomatoes

VERY ripe grape tomatoes







Yellow Squash

Yellow Squash


DSC01203    Cukes and Spinach


Look what I found in the spinach container




Looks like I’m growin’ a tiny spinach tree! I am saving to show Snuffy!



 I drizzled some of this




I also melted this over some mixed veggies and threw it all in the mix!




I know, teriyaki AND cheese…who does that?!   This girl! That’s who!  I have a love of strange combinations like that.  Nutritional yeast and BBQ is another one.
Anyway, I stuffed half of my HJS into a flax pita
JK…it rocked my world!
I also had a banana with Mighty Maple on the side…the pic was not presentable…I can’t wait for the Birthday Fairy to bring my camera!

Do you have  a wierd food combination that you just LOVE?  How did you discover the strange combo?


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6 Responses to “Gaining Knowledge, Growing Spinach”

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So, it’s not really a food combo, but I LOVE to eat dried oatmeal…straight from the box to bowl, plate, cup, whatever container. I started eating it when I was very young (around 3-4) and have LOVED it ever since.

Hey hey. What an awesome daddy o he is! I don’t eat many strange combinations, although I like bbq sauce on baked poatoes (its just like fries, right?) and waiters always look at me odd when I request it at restaurants.

wow everything looks so delicious!
i love your food combos!

Mmmm, wonderful creation! I just added cooked brocolli florets to my wrap the other day, which I thought was very random! Does that count? I know I have so mnay other odd creations, but none are coming to me right now, darn it! I’ll get back to you on that one, I’m the queen of random combinations!

YUM! Everything looks good! I love Annie’s! I’ve never combined cheese & teriyaki. hehe I think i’m a pretty standard eater – if anything i’ve been told it’s weird that the only condiment i’ll eat on hotdogs is mustard… does that count?! haha

I think I could maybe go for teriyaki/cheese. I like sweet and savory combinations like that, so I understand! And let’s get real, what ISN’T teriyaki good with?! 🙂

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