My New Dressing, Snuffy’s Old Favorite

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Hello friends!  How has your week gone so far?  Mine has been fairly predictable:  crazy schedule, yummy natural foods, and a very happy little girl!  Snuffy has been even more of a joy than usual! She had been teething for soooo long.  She still doesn’t have all of her teeth.  But, when she isn’t teething she is a very happy, energetic, friendly girl.  She actually woke up singing this morning!


Mallard told me he almost bought me a new gym membership yesterday.  But, he did remember that I am working on a new project for the next five weeks.  I will be gone 3 evenings a week from 5pm to 9pm!  This means I will have very little time to find my way around a new gym.  It also means that I will have to pack lunch and dinner!!  Please comment with any suggestions! 

I may resort to lots of wraps, fresh fruit with nut butters


and Amy’s meals….but those may get too expensive! Amy, how I love thee!  You fill my belly and drain my wallet 😦


I did FINALLY get to make some kale chips 














Snuffy helped….kind of


Lately, everything has been utilized as a hat….don’t ask me


And I tried my new salad dressing!! Remember this guy?



The ingredient list was VERY short


Because of the eggs and milk, it’s ovo-lacto vegetarian;  but, obviously not vegan.  😦  Still not a BAD list.

The nutrition stats weren’t too shabby either


ONLY 1 gram of sugar!  If you don’t normally check out your salad dressing nutrionals, you may be surprised at how much sugar is in most of them.  Normally, if they are low in sugar they contain artificial sweeteners.  Not this guy!

I ate it on a HUGH JASS salad of spinach, cherry tomatoes, yellow squash, cucumber, crumbled Wasa flat-bread, brocolli and hummus!  Unfortunately, the pics were AWFUL

 Believe it, this was the best one


Bad pix but fantastic dressing!!  It tasted like a creamy parmesan with Italian accents in the background!   I want to eat this on EVERYTHING.   I can’t wait to try their other flavors


I have also been indulging in LOTS of yogurt messes!


This one contained 365 organic vanilla yogurt, cinnamon puffins, frozen-then-microwaved banana, Dark Chocolate Dreams PB and 365 Chocolate Soy Milk


It wasn’t so pretty, but it WAS SO DELICIOUS


Snuff indulged in an Old Favorite


Private Selection Organic (aka Kroger Organic) PB on locally produced Whole Wheat HCFS Free Bread

I always eat sprouted breads.  I guess I just assume that Snuffy won’t like grainy texture.  For the most part, I do feed Snuffy the same things that I eat.  We eat a mostly plant based diet that is low in processed food.  Her diet may be a lil more organic than mine though.  I know LOTS of moms who A) live on processed food and feed their children the same way or B) live on processed food but feed their kids a healthier diet.

Whether you have kids yet or not, what do you think your kids’ diet will consist of when you do have kids?

And for the mamas…what’s your philosophy on your kids’ diets?

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13 Responses to “My New Dressing, Snuffy’s Old Favorite”

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Your daughter is so freaking cute! Don’t you sometimes wish that you could go back to the time when you put anything on your head, make it a hat, and be totally entertained? I do 🙂 That dressing sounds awesome. As for lunches/dinners- I’m a huge stir fry and salad fan. You can do so much and always mix it up. Veggies, beans, rice, pastas, salsa, olive oil, vinegar, fruits, nuts- mix any of these together and its totally delicious!

Erica: Thanks, she looks like her daddy! I do wish I could be so easily entertained. Honestly, when I play with her, I tend to be pretty easily entertained. It’s fun to be on that level with her. I hadn’t thought of stirfry! What an obvious, easy choice! I did think of quinoa or coscous with some veggies and maybe tofu. But, I need some pointers on cooking tofu. ( I haven’t been to keen on meat or poultry lately…maybe bc of the hot weather?) But, the veggies with an olive oil/vinegar dressing and pasta would be great even cold! Thanks!

Wow. Lunch AND dinner to pack. Hm. Lots of wraps and sandwiches? Cans of soup are handy. Plenty of fruit that keeps, bananas, apples, grapes. Good luck! Your daughter is adorable by the way.

The lovely Mrs. Meyers: Thanks! As parents, we tend to think our kids are cute because they’re our and we love them so much! I’m glad you all agree! lol Fruit is certainly a must! I love to pre-slice apples and pears and add a tad of lemon or lime juice to keep them from “turning” and give them a lil extra zing!

ooooh glad it got a positive review – I must try that dressing! I hear you… Amy’s could get pricey! We have a few recipes we think ‘reheat well’ – let me know if you’re okay with carbs and if so i’ll shoot you some links! 🙂

Oh I am definitely okay with carbs! I love my complex carbs quinoa, brown rice, oats, couscos, millet…

That’s a great question! I am a few years away from having kids but I’m already thinking about what they will eat (of course!). I’m going to try really hard to just instill a healthy relationship with food. I never want to use food as reward or punishment, and I am never going to force them to clean their plates!

Whoops! Forgot the link 🙂 Thank you for telling me:

Erica: I love that the Sloppy Jane recipe isn’t time consuming! I’m always up for a quick healthy meal!

Thanks so much for your comment. The ASN site is now up and running, too. 🙂

Snuffy is so adorable! I think my kids (someday far in the future) will eat the same way I do. I think balancing what they eat will be hard because if I feed them healthy food all the time, I don’t want them to go crazy when they finally taste sugar and the other processed products I know that kids will bring to school. Such a dilemma!

wow loving those yogurt messes, especially the puffins!!

Even thought I am only 17, my friends ask me this a lot because they know I am very into health. I will never deprive my kids of anything, but at the same time I am going to provide them with loads of healthy fresh fruits, veggies and grains. I will raise them just like my parents raised me. I will keep a carton of ice cream for treats, but I will also ask them if they want berries with it. Little stuff like that. Oh and there will be lots of PB 🙂

We try to eat a very healthy, whole foods diet also. And my 3-year old pretty much eats what we eat. He does get processed junk food occasionally at the babysitter’s (but not until he’s had his fruit and homemade veggie soup). We eat mostly vegetarian also.

Great blog by the way! Found you from a link on HEAB…

Thanks! HEAB was one of the very first blogs I visited. I tried to comment on your last post, but I was only able to use my google account bc it will not allow any other waay of leaving a comment 🙂

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