Outlaws and Tiny White Cheetahs

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Hola Amigas! That’s right I only had a lil college Spanish but, I try…sort of.  I know you all probably had some freaky wild weekend nights, but I cannot say the same for myself!  Mallard’s aunt, uncle and cousin drove from Illinois to visit.  They live in an EVEN SMALLER town than the one I grew up in.  I’m talking a gas station and no stoplights!  Mallard’s sister, brother in-law, and niece made the 3 hour trip from their homestead to meet up at Mallard’s parents’ house.  It’s an hour drive there for us.  Snuffy likes to go because she gets to hang out with her homegirl, Audrina (Mallard’s niece). DSC01150

If you can’t interpret Snuffy Speak, that look means, “Yeah, Mom, I’m climbin’ the stairs.  But, we’re at Grandma’s house so watchu gonna do ’bout it?”

The girls don’t see one another very often.  But, they always fall back into their old routine.


Time for a little known fact: My daughter has a night job.  That’s right, she is the musical entertainment during the cocktail hour.


We just have to keep strong family ties so that Britney Snuffy stays true to her morals!

All in all we had a good visit with the outlaws.  But, get this: when they woke up this morning, their car had been stolen! I know!! Mallard’s parents live in a suburb of Dayton and it’s a decent neighborhood.  But, there had been other “break ins”.   Basically, unlocked cars were the target and Mallard’s cousin had left the keys in his parents’ car.  So, the culprits just took it! CRAZY!! They have been on the phone with their insurance company all day.  Mallard is golfing with his uncle, dad and cousin today.  The Law ( I love calling them that) was there when he arrived.  I didn’t realize Dayton suburbs were so rough lol! Mallard’s parents better watch themselves on the real.

Today, Snuff and I went to run our weekly errands since I worked yesterday. This included Starbucks,



Whole Foods


Wal-Mart ( they are the only store around that carries naturally more PB! ) We actually went to Kroger before the others.  Every week Kroger seems to add more to their natural and organic section! I love it! I can buy all but a few items there now!  Now that you know I went to 3 grocery stores, I betcha wanna know what I got….


Organic Bananas

 Organic “toaster pastries” (For Snuff).  Not the most nutritionally balanced.  But, better than the alternative.  This way she can experience the pastry without the preservatives.

pinto beans

Organic American Cheese—-Snuff loves grilled cheese! If all else fails, I know that’s something she will eat.

New Cereal–I saw this and it reminded me of childhood and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  But, I don’t like to put preservative laden food into my body.  So, although it’s no Flax Plus, I thought this to be a better option than CTC.

Yogurt–For my yogurt messes! I love love love yogurt messes!!!

Snuffy’s raisins–easy, portable, organic

Tea–yes, not organic, far from perfect.  But, a summer staple in our home.


Amy’s Meals–I tried Indian food for the first time with Amy…aw!  Like anyone with tastebuds, I love Amy’s everything!  I do have to keep it to a minimum due to the higher price.  Personally, I think the price IS worth the quality.

Boca Chicken- I really like the taste of these.   But, I struggle with the purchase because they ARE processed.  They are supposedly “made with natural ingredients” which makes me feel a lil better.

Smart Dogs- These are mostly for Snuffy.  Once again, far from perfect but better than the alternative.


Vegetarian Chilli-  Yes, I know I could make my own.  I bought this on sale once and REALLY liked it.  So, when I saw it today, I picked some up.  However, the ingredient list was too long to even get a clear picture!  So, I doubt I will buy it often.  I don’t know why I was drawn to processed vegetarian food today!!



New salad dressing! I was looking for a new dressing and the produce guy a WF suggested this.  Not a “light dressing” but only 70 kcals per serving because it is yogurt based! Pretty groovey. I will let you all know how it works out.

Baby Spinach- a must have.

Cucumber-  ON SALE FOR 50 CENTS! I will use it for Hugh Jass salads with baby spinach, squash, anything not moving in the fridge…

Plum-I realized that my fruit consists mostly of bananas, apples, pears and (cringe) an occasional Dole fruit cup.  (If you aren’t aware the Dole fruit cups in light syrup have added sugar and HFCS.  I can’t find mixed fruit with cherries in it’s own juice!)



Yellow Squash



Gotta keep Snuffy supplied with her yogurt raisins

Kickin’ It Old School with this next one…


After the luncheon last week, I took home the leftover celery sticks.  I had forgotten the simple delight of celery with PB! It was awesome with my Naturally More. That’s why I ran out!  So, now I’m addicted and I must replenish.

I picked up some kale to make kale chips…


But, it will be going back to Kroger! EWWWWW! No kale chips today…

I did get some radishes though!  $1.99! I couldn’t pass ’em up for some Radish Chips!!


I cut off the tops and bottoms (I try not to waste too much though)

Then, I use my grater (madalin side?) to slice ’em up!


I use an olive oil spray to “grease” my cookie sheet.  Then, lay the slices of radish in a single layer and drizzle with some EVOO ( I feel so Rachel Ray without the Dunkin’ Donut plug). 


I sprinkle with a lil of this


And I bake them at about 425 for 15 to 20 minutes.  CAUTION –time may vary.  Check them often if you are making these at home.  I like mine fairly crispy


If you find they are taking far too long to crisp, you can remove them from the cookie sheet, toss them on a plate and microwave them for 20 seconds.

 I also made my famous Tiny White Cheetahs (okay maybe just famous with Snuffy).  I start with red potatoes.


Slice them in strips or wedges


Place them on a EVOO’ d baking sheet and sprinkle them with a touch of sea salt.  Then, slide them into the oven and bake them at 425 for 7 minutes. Turn them over with a spatula and bake ’em for 7 more minutes.


They come out looking like tiny white versions of snackface cheetahs!

**UPDATE* *The stolen car was found in the middle of a field.  The car is badly damaged but drivable.  Of course the GPS unit was missing.  The theives also took the prescription medication from the glove compartment.  The important thing is that everyone is safe! 🙂

BTW:  Heather is appropriately giving away some almond butter! Check it out and you could win some antioxident rich  AB!!

What Would You Do…

if you bought some produce and realized it was less than edible AFTER you got home?





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14 Responses to “Outlaws and Tiny White Cheetahs”

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I would try to return it!! If it was from Kroger, they usually take back just about anything (take it form me, I’ve done it many times). I actually just went to KRoger today and ironically I was on the hunt for the same foods; processed vegetarian!! I ended up buying some “chick nuggets” with creamy spinach inside. They were really delicious!

I think I have bought those for Snuffy’s “babysitter groceries”. I haven’t tried them myself though. Do they have “fake chicken” in them too or just the creamy spinach? I ask this because I have a processed food confession….I LOVE FAKE CHICKEN…It’s true. I don’t buy it very often because most brands are not so pure or natural…

You probably already know I’m intrigued… Radishes. Hm. I don’t like radishes, but perhaps I could learn to like them if they even remotely resemble snackface yumminess… Adorable pics of the little cuties…

I don’t like RAW radishes. The first time I made the Radish Chip recipe it was out of pure curiosity. I was pleasantly surprised because the radishes actually lose their BITE when baked. You know how they are really intense? When they are baked, they lose that and kind of taste like a starchy potato. Snuffy tried one and went back for more.

I’ll have to try those radishes. I don’t like ’em raw either!

I stopped buying the fruit cups for the girls for that very reason. I said to myself, “Stop being such a lazy mommy and cut up some damn fruit!!!”

Have a great week, girlie!!!

I can’t wait to see how you like those toaster pastries! I really want to buy them but I am not sure if they are worth the money. Ohh love the amys meals too 😀

We have had the toaster pastries a few times before. I bought them after Snuffy devoured a Whole Foods sample….tray. But, she likes the strawberry and the cinnnamon apple. So, she is now testing the raspberry…I’ll get her review in a few days 🙂 I was never big on Pop Tarts. So, these are not really my forte. I was always a Pillsbury Toaster Pastry girl. If I find an organic version of those with less sugar, you will have to peel me off the ceiling.

Hi! Thank you for your comments on my blog 🙂 Your girls are adorable.
A trip to Whole Foods AND Starbucks sounds like the perfect day!!

Take the produce back! I’ve never had a store refuse to take something back that was bad the day I bought it.

Your grocery shopping sounds very similar to mine – at least 3 stores, sometimes 4 for me. Costco, Kroger, Trader Joe’s, and Whole Foods. Yes, Kroger’s organic/health food section keeps growing and growing. I love it!

Radish chips?!? So making those. I love kale chips – only way I can eat kale, and I’m not a huge radish fan, but I bet I would love them all salty and crispy. Thanks for the recipe, and thanks for the link-love.

Glad the car was found, and that everyone is safe.

oooh that salad dressing looks yummy – def want a review!! I want to try that chili too – I LOVED Boca chili but can’t seem to find it… ever. 😦 Your baby girl is adorable!! haha Lounge piano player. So sorry to hear about the break-in- people suck. 😦

[…] Whole Body Love’s recipe, I made radish chips. So good!  Raw radishes never did much for me…until I tried them baked […]

I would definitely take it back! In fact, I took some strawberries back to costco after I opened them and there was a few moldy ones hidden in the middle.

Why on earth would you buy organic bananas? They don’t need to be organic because you don’t eat the peel! Why waste money when it could be used for something else? Something charitable, maybe?

The chemicals actually do penetrate deeper than the peel. Crazy but true. As much as my daughter loves to eat them, I would rather know that she isn’t getting all those chemicals every other day 🙂 I honestly do not just have money to burn. I stopped highlighting my hair, doing my nails, going out to dinner or movies every weekend, spending money on lunch when I can pack and going to the “expensive gym” so that I can save or spend my money on things that are more important. To me, healthful, nourishing food is one of those things. You are right, maybe it is selfish of me to buy organic bananas.

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