One SAD Luncheon

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Eighty-Five!!  That’s how many cookies I baked for our office luncheon and they were gone in an hour! Here is a lovely blurry phone pic I took half-way through the noshings.


There was a lot of food, most of which fell firmly into the SAD diet  :(.

We have the meats and cheeses 0709091233


Tri-Color Pasta Salad


A GINORMOUS bowl of Standard Potato Salad


A few healthy refreshments!


This is obviously not the WHOLE spread.  Just a few teasers.  There was also creamy coleslaw, chocolate brownies (pre-packaged bleh!), Gooey Butter Cake, Frosted Cake Mix Cake, Processed White Bread Products, Cantaloupe, Ham Salad (did you know most people make Ham Salad using bologna?), Cheese Spread ( I do not even want to begin to wonder what was in this), baby carrots, macaroni salad, deep fried potato chips.  I realize there are some fresh fruit and veggie options in here.  Ya know what’s crazy though?  I left with a whole container of leftover celery sticks and an entire container of leftover grapes!  But, as I said, ALL of my cookies were eaten within an hour!  I realize that most people do not consider their health and wellness when filling their plates.  But, this luncheon was evidence that the SAD diet is …well, sad. It kind of made me sad to watch some people that I talk with and laugh with each day.  I know most of these people have diabetes, high BP, depression, exhaustion, migraines, indigestion (yes,  a couple of women are very candid TMI), and of course obesity.  Yet, I watch as they fill their plates with processed food that offers little to no nutritional value.  The thing is, they don’t look happy to eat that mayo packed  macaroni.  They look sad.  I am not writing this to belittle these co-workers because I truly care about their well-being.  These are good-heart, kind, smart people.  These are the kind of people that deserve long , healthy, happy lives!  I don’t offer advice unless I am asked.  Most of my co-workers are aware of my love for nutrition, health, wellness.  So, some do ask for advice.  I am MORE than happy to help!  I only hope that more will ask and fewer will suffer through the rest of their lives.  I am not saying that all obese people are depressed.  Most of us have met obese friends that love life and are generally content.  I am not speaking of these friends.  I am referring to a group of people who are unhappy with their unhealthy lives and maybe even know what to change but don’t know how to change it.  My heart goes out to them! I just wish hope for them. 

I realize I have been a bit of a downer in this post.  So, to cheer you up,I will end with my BFF Myka classily spreading mustard on her bread with her finger. We obviously ran out of knives.  In her defense, she is expecting her first child in December.  So, she is not feeling so fab.


Question :  Did your parents unknowingly raise you on the SAD diet?  Have you always eaten healthfully or did you reach a point in your life when you decided to make a change?

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4 Responses to “One SAD Luncheon”

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I’m not sure what the SAD diet is (the link didn’t work), but I was definitely raised on a very healthy diet (my mom is a nurse, so she was all about health). I have made changes in my diet though, since I was a child. I eat more sinful foods, and I also eat more fruits and veggies (I guess to sort of make up for those sinful foods….and because I love F and Vs!). I know what you mean about feeling for people who are obese. I get asked a lot of questions about how to eat healthy, and I always feel like I want to just come home with some people and really help them out, all day!

Have a great weekend.

85 cookies!!? holy smokes that is a ton of delicious treats 🙂
That pasta salad looks really good!

Lol you are right it is a ton! I love to be in the kitchen though! I didn’t realize how much I had missed my mistress the Pink Kitchen Aid. 🙂

Hi! Thank you so much for visiting my blog!
You raise some good points here. I always just assume that everyone is as health-conscious as I am, but when I am at events like that I am reminded that that isn’t always true. So many people reach for cookies before they even notice the carrot sticks!!

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