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Hello, friends!  I apologize for this short post.  We are dealing with some personal/family issues that took up a considerable portion of my day.  At this point, I don’t believe including details of this matter in my posts would be helpful.  I do intend to share more with all of you once I work through this for a little while.  Now, on to happy thoughts!   I worked this morning and then I was off to campus.  One of my favorite Psych professors told me that he was retiring.  Well, he said that Xavier is “re-organizing” and offered him an early retirement.  I have to say I was a lil bummed.  The fact that the university has let go of a some staff is frustrating.  A big reason for me to attend Xavier is the small class sizes.  But, I suppose many universities are doing some “re-organizing” these days. 

I concocted a snack of mixed veggies, hummus, Amy’s BBQ and wasa flat bread.


The Wasa bread had VERY short ingredient list


They added a nice crunch to the mix.  Plus, I love rye!



Lunch included this wrap: TJ’s ww flax  tortilla with Amy’s pinto beans, fresh baby spinach, organic sour cream…I guess it was more of a burrito?


Obviously, I haven’t been posting pics of EVERYTHING I eat.  But, I would like to once I get my own camera.  I have heard or…read other bloggers say that it’s a pain.  But, I think in some cases, it may be a good way to stay aware of what one is putting into her body and it makes healthy food even more fun!

When I got home, I made Snuffy some dinner and gave her a bath (I know, BORING).   Later, Snuff went to her crib.  Then, I made my low-carbin’ Mallard some down home devilled eggs.  I am not a huge fan of mayo + eggs yolks (ewwwwww!).  In fact, I grew up with Miracle Whip ( mayo’s low-cal, processed cousin).  However, I DO love to cook for my Mallard.  I use a basic recipe of boiled eggs, mayo, vinegar, mustard and paprika ( for visual appeal).  I toss this combo in my kitchen aid and let it do the work!



Next, I put the mixture in a large re-closable freezer bag ( I don’t have a pastry bag 😦  ) and snip a hole in one end to fill the empty egg whites.


Wah Lah! Low-Carb Lovelies! I can’t wait for Mallard to be off of this diet…mayo and egg yolks….(shutter)


QUESTION:  Do you ever feel like the odd woman out when it comes to eating nutritiously? 

I work with so many people who suffer from everything from diabetes and high B/P to fatique and depression but don’t care to give their bodies the nutrition they need.

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4 Responses to “Devilish”

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i very often feel like the odd woman out when it comes to eating nutritiously! Or when people think that you are on a diet or trying to lose weight jsut because you are eating healthy. but that doesn’t matter now because i do things for me. and i would rather lead the way and have others follow rather than feel crushed by their shadow! : ) i just wanted to say hi as a fellow blogger. i wanted to thank you for your blog. I’m trying to network in the blogging community. Please check out my blog sometime and feel free to ad me to your blogroll!! : ) have a memorable day!

YES!!!! I work in an office with a bunch of people who mock my eating and make fun of my gym attendance. At the same time they are always taking off work because they are sick. They also often talk about the sales at the plus size store. Hmmmmmm….. I guess I get the last laugh.

We actually have a luncheon coming up Thursday. I hate to say that I am dreading it but, the menu was sent out today. It featured processed lunchmeats and cheese, ham salad (can’t stand it, can’t explain it), full fat and fabulous chicken salad (bleh), pre-made potato salad, macaroni (sp?) salad, …you get the picture. My solace will be the fruit and veggie trays…hopefully. I guarantee I will get some comments on my plate. But, my response is “I’m a nursing major, I know how to take care of my body so I have no excuse!”

Yes. My husband’s friends all are teeny tiny and eat horribly. They eat however much they want and whatever they want. They don’t work out at all. I have literally NOTHING in common with them whatsoever. I’m so used to being healthy that it’s plain strange to me.

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