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Hey guys! I’ve missed you so!  Hope you all had a fantastic Fourth!  We didn’t do much because Ms. Snuffy was a bit under the weather which = no sleep for Swan.  Oh well!  This morning Snuffy and I did our weekly grocery shopping.  I know it seems like I just posted groceries.  But, to be fair it was a day or two after we had actually gone.  Today we visited Whole Foods (of course!) and Wal-Mart (cringe!).  We had to go for Mallard.  Hey, after 3 years I have finally gotten him to switch to natural PB…that is an accomplishment!  You may also see his beloved Sweet n Low in the background of some of my pics today.  Wal-Mart was the only store that had his fave ranch dressing.   Plus, I found these neat flax pitas there!


The ingredient list didn’t look too bad.  So, we will see!

At Whole Foods we found some of my favorite nut butters and some agave and coconut oil for some new recipes that I want to try!


We also had to grab some produce.  I swear we go through bananas like water around here!


…and a new brand of spinach that I have never tried!


I saw the word locally and then I realized it was just the brand name because this is actually grown in Maine. 😦

I replenished our dairy/non-dairy section of the fridge as well.  There is coconut milk too that you can’t see in the pic


Oh and I guess my TJ’s almond butter made it in there…love that stuff!

I also got some TVP for recipesDo any of you use this or have good recipes for it?


Have you guys ever tried this?  I am weening myself off artificial sweetener and I am out of Stevia.  Any thoughts on Truvia?


 I was delighted to find a plethora of Annie’s BBQ flavors! I chose this one. But, I am not letting myself open it until I finish the one I’ve got. DSC01096

My most exciting purchase was…………………………………………………………..



My very first shaker! Complete with sample goodies!! I can’t wait to use it!

DSC01101   DSC01100

After we got home from our grocery excursion, Snuffy took a nap.  Then, Mallard took us to the driving range!  Snuffy nor I had ever been.  That’s right, I had never even held a driver until today! Neither had Snuffy lol.  Mallard gave us some pointers.


I have to admit that I was not so great.  I only made contact with the ball a few times.

DSC01049  DSC01050

But, I had fun and that’s what counts, right? 

Snuffy had a good time as well. DSC01039



Snuffy did eventually get a lil hungry and a lot cranky.  We decided to call it quits.  When we got home I gave her one of these yummy lil delicias that I made using a recipe from Carrots n Cake!  Snuff loves them!


Next, I set out to bake some of Veggie girl’s famous blondies!  I used some locally made apple butter for the fruit spread.  DSC01067

I also used ww pastry flour because I didn’t have gluten free. 😦


I did have molasses that I hadn’t tried yet


Unfortunately, they weren’t vegan since I added white chips to them.  Mallard loves White Chocolate.  Yes, I have tried to explain that most white chocolate is mostly non-food but, it’s a lost cause, kids.  Anyway, the blondies turned out well.  They had a slight cinnamon apple flavor due to the apple butter and the white chocolate actually complimented that flavor nicely.


While I was baking, I sipped on a venti no-classic black tea with light ice…say that five times fast!


Since Mallard has lost his mind and refused to listen to his Swan, he has started low-carb (cringe!).  Being a loving Swan, I made him a low carb cauliflower casserole.


It had cauliflower, organic sour cream, bacon, and loads of shredded cheese.  Hello heart attack!


My good deed may not go unnoticed(sp?).  While making fun of me for photographing my creations, Mallard insinuated that the Birthday Fairy may bring me a camera that I want!  I looked at  a couple today and I think I want one with at least 10 megapixels and 4 or 5x zoom.  What do you guys think?

What camera would you reccommend? 




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4 Responses to “Virgin Golfer”

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Wow, you made some great purchases! I hear that Naturally More PB is really good, so now that my favorite pb is no longer good, I think I’m going to start buying it.

As for golf, my bf loves golf and he is taking me to the range tonight after work. HE’s taken me before but it’s been a while. Golf is one of those practice makes perfect sports (in other words, I suck because I never practice!!). It’s fun though, and it’s a great excuse to be outside. Your swing looks good for a first timer!

ohhhhh I’m going to pay attention to your comments. You already know how bad I need a new camera. (I get made fun of too lol).

You know…. I hate to admit it but Wal-Mart isn’t so bad. They actually have a lot of stuff I use there- Almond breeze, sprouted bread, organic yogurts, organic meats (for hubby), Kashi cereals. And they do have great prices. I mean, it’s no Whole Foods but you can get some good stuff there. Also, I love the golf pics! You guys are SO CUTE! 😛

Wow, our Wal-Mart doesn’t have sprouted bread or organic meats! Kroger is starting to branch out though.

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