“Who Says You Can’t Go Home?”

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I have good news and bad news.   The good news:  Mallard was able to get my laptop working for the time being and I finally got to put the pics from his work camera on the computer! The bad news:  I lost my phone yesterday!  I swear I had it when I was walking out the door to go to Kroger.  But, I checked with customer service at Kroger and searched my car.  Then, I thought that I may have set it on top of my car while I was buckling Snuffy into her carseat.  So, I re-drove my route  and still nothing. 😦  This means I lost the pics of Snuffy’s first Starbucks experience and quite a few pics from the weekend! Oh well!  I should be getting my replacement phone through my insurance tomorrow. 
Now back to last weekend! Before we left town, we had to grab some necessities from Whole Foods.  My hometown does not have a lot to offer in the way of natural, unprocessed delicias!  In fact, the last time Mallard, Snuff and I went back, I only packed food for her and I was starving most of the trip 😦  I did NOT want that to happen again.  It’s easier to pack food for Snuffy and I now that she is getting a lil older because we are beginning to eat more of the same things. 
 As Jenna says, “Here’s the loot!”
Cinnamon Puffins, Vanilla Almond Milk, Justin’s Maple Almond Butter Squeeze Packs, Organic Gerber Graduates Pasta Pick-Ups (Snuffy loves these!), White Chocolate Wonderful PB, Dark Chocolate Dreams PB (Love It!), Organic Raisins, Fruit Cups, Annie’s White Cheddar Bunnies (in a baggie), Green Food Bar (far right), We also had a lil blue cooler.  * unpictured organic bananas, apples and pears, stevia packets, single serving organic milk for Snuffy, Oikos Vanilla Yogurt, 365 organic vallilla yogurt, HFCS free bread for Snuffy.  
The raisins and Snuffy’s milk went into my lunch box for easy accessability  




I love my eco-friendly lunchbox!

I love my eco-friendly lunchbox!

 I was anxious to get on the road! DSC00900  But, where was Snuffy?DSC00921
Snuffy fell asleep about 30 minutes into the ride.  But, she only slept for about an hour and a half. 
I was so ready to get there!DSC00936DSC00938DSC00940

This is how you know you have reached my hometown


The pic was actually taken as we were leaving town.  But, it was dark when we arrived. Even with the spotlights (yes, it has spotlights) it would have been hard to see.   If you look beyond the police car, you will see “THE CROSS” .  That’s our “tourist attraction”.  The construction of The Cross was funded by area churches and donors.  You can’t go up inside like the arch in St. Louis.  Yet, when I worked at the Holiday Inn, buses of retired folks came through town just to see it. 
Anyway, we got into town at 10:00pm IL time and began to unpack the car.  By 11:00pm I had everything in the room and by midnight I had the room situated.  I put Snuff down to sleep and got in  the shower.  She woke up and fussed.  Then, she finally went down to sleep around 1AM!! She goes down at 8PM back home!  The next day we ate breakfast in our room and then went to Nan’s house and I don’t have those pics because my phone is long gone 😦 After Snuffy’s nap, she put on her Saturday best and we headed for my parents’ house. 
Of course my mom was so excited to see Snuff!  DSC00972
My mom had pictures and newspaper articles from the past 25 years all lain out for everyone to see. 
 This is the pic that was in the local newspaper.  DSC00974 
Here is one my mom took of me during her artistic photographer phase when I was in high school…interesting
So, Mallard’s camera went dead after about 15 minutes because I forgot to charge it before I left. 
 But, I did get a pic with my Aunt Kathy.  DSC00975 
I also got some of my mom’s decor!DSC00976
Some of Mama Rose’s Anniversary Delicias!
My Mom and sister made these yummy vanilla cupcakes with homemade creamy coconut frosting!
DSC00978 They also made chocolate cupcakes with homemade sugared vanilla frosting.  There were also mixed nuts, cheese trays, and an anniversary cake! Too bad my camera was dead! But, I did find this comicalDSC00979 I have never seen either of my parents drink any of this.  My mom drinks wine and my dad drinks beer.  Odd.
Well, Snuffy got hungry around 6:30PM and I was supposed to meet Becky to get ready for the reunion at 7.  That did not happen.  Snuff got finished eating at 7:00pm and I gave her a bath. 
She tested out my parents’ new doggie door…It works, guys! 
By that time it was 7:30 so I had no time to even shower! That’s right, welcome to motherhood.  But, you know what?  I was cool with it.  I figure Iwant the people at the reunion to see the real me.  So, I threw on my dress and ran a comb through my hair…no, really!  I met Becky at her apartment and she was still getting readyDSC00988I love her style! 
She had just moved into her new apartment that day and it was adorable.  DSC00981  DSC00983
I loved this little dish that Becky had found!DSC00987
I really enjoyed my time with old friends at the reunion.  I am so glad I went!
There was a cash bar.  But, I didn’t partake because I haven’t drank since Valentine’s Day and I wanted to pick up Snuffy that night!
Becky, however, went from this
after a couple…
…and a couple more
…to this
 About that time, I began to miss my Snuffy.  I put my hand in my purse to grab my keys and brought out a pink pacifier instead! Aw.
We left after breakfast the next morning.  Ok, after breakfast and Starbucks.  You know I had to hit up Starbucks! 
Snuffy was content with her Holiday Inn Express cup. 









 Cheeks full!





Cheeks full!




  Question of the day:  What is the one thing that you absolutely have to take along when you travel?

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2 Responses to ““Who Says You Can’t Go Home?””

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Your mom is so gorgeous (which is probably where you go it 😉 ) And your daughter is so adorable, I can’t wait to have one of my own!
Like you, I like to go to the grocery store (KRoger!) to get healthy road snacks before I travel. That is truly a “must” for me. It allows me to still get some healthy foods into my diet, while at the same time saving money.

Regarding the hard liquor at your parent’s house, I am the same way. Nick and I have tequilla and vodka in our freezer, even though all we drink is beer and wine. I think we have them just in case company wants them, that’s my excuse!

Awww, looks like a fun weekend!! 🙂 🙂

In regards to your running shoes question, I get mine at Bob Roncker’s Running Spot. I’ve been going there for years so I know what “type” I am….but the first time I went there, they watched me walk and looked at my old shoes to determine what type I should wear (neutral or stability). Fleet Feet or Meters and Miles are two other good places to go…I wouldn’t get my running shoes at any other place! 🙂

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