Murphy’s Law

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Hey guys! I am so sorry to leave you hanging!  On top of my website building issues, I had hardware issues too!  The wireless switch on my laptop quit working! I am on Mallards tiny HP Mini right now.  He took my laptop to work today and the IT guy there said that we may be able to get it working by using a wireless card.  I hope that’s the case because the repair would be $400 according to Geek Squad.  Holy Mole’! 

Anyway, I had taken off work today because my babysitter is on vacae all week.  So, Snuffy and I hit up Whole Foods, Kroger and Starbucks!  I have pics from our grocery adventure and from Starbucks! But, unfortunately I can’t move them from my phone onto this tiny laptop.  😦 


Right now, I am making some kale chips.  If you have never made your own,you are missing out on some crunchy deliciousness.  Here is a lil how-to if youcare to try.Snuffy actually ate some the last time I made them!  In fact ,  on the way home from the grocery excursion today, I looked in my rear-view mirror and saw her munching on raw kale out of my shopping bag.  It wat sticking out the top because I didn’t want it to get bruised.  I had to giggle.  I love that she likes healthy foods.  But, that kale had obviously not been washed…not a good thing, Martha.  So, I had to move the kale out of Snuff’s reach.  She can have some kale chips after her nap.  Mallard hates it when I make them.  He says it makes the house smell funny. Idon’t smell it.  However, I like saurkraut and all kinds of other smelly food so maybe I’m immune!

Here are some fun kale facts via

Kale provides an excellent source of vitamins B6 and C, carotenes, and manganese.   
It is also a very good source of vitamins B1, B2, and E, fiber, iron, copper, and calcium.  
Kale has almost three times as much calcium as phosphorus.  This is a beneficial ratio because high phosphorus consumption has been linked to osteoporosis since it reduces the utilization and promotes the excretion of calcium. 

 Kale and collardgreens exhibit the same anticancer properties as other members of the cabbage family.  

I can’t wait to share the pics from our trip to Illinois and from our day today!  Snuffy had her first Starbucks experience! starbucks

Don’t worry, no coffee for her.  But, I want to wait until I have the pic to show you before I post about it!  Unfortunately, I am going to start picking up more hours at work in case my laptop continues to plummet and I have to buy a new one.  As you know, I need a camera too.  But, that hit the back burner.  I also need running shoes! I am hoping to start a running schedule soon. I want good shoes.  I think there is a store close to me where they actually watch you run to see what shoe will work for you.  They will probably be pricey.  The birthday fairy comes in September. Yet, any monatary gifts usually have to go to books for school or gas or cute little girl clothes for my Snuffy.
What do you guys usually spend your birthday money on?






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5 Responses to “Murphy’s Law”

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Hmmm… I rarely get birthday money. It’s usually giftcards to Starbucks or a bookstore (people know me).

Kale chips sound really cool/different/awesome. I must try! Thanks for the idea!

Starbucks and bookstores…that sounds like my zen! The kale chips are nice when I want crunchy and salty…we all know when those cravings strike lol.

Thanks for reading


I spend it on whatever I really need, and really want. I would say a nice pair of running shoes and a new camera would be a good start!

I love kale, and thanks for the nutrition info!

grr- laptop issues can be such a pain in the rear….hope it gets fixed soon. Sounds like ya’ll had fun today!! I heart the starbucks

Sorry you are having computer issues 😦
Hopefully that IT guy will get yours fixed soon. I generally spend birthday money on whatever I need at the time but I usually don’t get actual cash…. It’s usually gift cards. Happy Wednesday!

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