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Snuffy and I had a great weekend and I will post our travels just as soon as Mallard brings home the transfer cable for his work camera.  The camera battery actually died shortly after we arrived.  (I forgot to charge it before we left, Oops!)  But, my mom took a few pictures as well. So, I am waiting to post about the weekend until I recieve those pics from her.  I am also very glad I attend my high school reunion.  Hopefully, Mallard will remember to bring the transfer cable home tomorrrow!! I can’t wait to share my weekend with all of you! 

I have something else to share with you,some very exciting news! 

ScannedImage001_00_004  Not that kind of news!   But, didn’t she look like a little golden alien?

 I will be moving my blog sometime in the next few weeks!  However, I need some help with the move!  Uh Oh I am acting like “that friend” .  You know, the one who just met you and is already asking you to help her move?  Well, I have acquired a domain name.  However, I don’t know a whole lot about building a website.  I know that maybe that means I shouldn’t be acquiring a domain name.  Yet, I am very passionate  about my goals for this blog.  So, I am asking for guidance from some experienced bloggers  anyone who can give some guidance.    Have any of you worked with the Atahualpa 3.2 theme????  I found tutorials on it but I still can’t figure out how to even change the header image with it!  HELP! I want to get my new site up and running ASAP .  But, I can’t figure out where or how to put the codes in.  Atahualpa 3.2 is a great theme because of all the options but, I need some help figuring out how to set it up.  Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help lead the blind. 

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6 Responses to “HELP WANTED”

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She does look like a golden alien!!!! I love that picture so much. That is just the neatest thing.

Good luck with the move. I wish I had advise but I’m still a newbie!


Thanks for the comment. I had that 3D sonogram done at 17 weeks bc I wanted to know the gender so badly! I have a question for you. You seem very open and honest about facts and opinions through your blog. What are your thoughts on calcium. Most RD’s that I have known are very rigid in the idea that dairy is the BEST form of calcium. They say that the body absorbs it better. But, I read the book *Thrive* a few weeks ago and it gives contradicting info…something about the body has to produce more enzymes to get the calcium from dairy vs. leafy greens therefore depleating the bones. What’s your take?


Ow- can’t wait to see the new website and your weekend pics. I don’t really know much about the website stuff- best of luck with the move 😉

Congrats on moving your blog! I have no idea how to help you, but I’m anxious to hear about the help because I’ll eventually be doing the same thing. Blogspot doesn’t cut it.

Sorry I can’t help you more…… I stick to blogger because it’s easy. I would suggest putting baby to bed early one night and sit in front of the computer and Google all your questions. There are SO MANY forums out there where people ask the same questions you have and you’ll find all kinds of help. Be sure to keep us update so we can book mark your new site when you are ready to launch!

Hey girl!!!! So I wish I could help, but i’m so technologically challenged sometimes, it’s unfortunate!!

All the color changes are cute though, wish I could figure out how to do that!

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