Lazy Days and Ducks

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Thanks for the positive incentives!  I have decided to refer to my daughter by her nickname, Snuffy or Snuff.  I just don’t know how comfortable I feel using her real name here.  My fiance’s nickname is Mallard.  I know, it’s a lil odd.  But, it originated from the nickname he gave me when we were newly engaged. 

His nickname for me is Swan.  Before you assume that this has anything to do with beauty or coming of age…let me explain:  like many women, I was smitten with my Mallard when we met.  When we became engaged I was head over heals.   Even when we were in car, sometimes I would just look at him googly-eyed.  Well, some of you may have seen the movie “Billy Madison” with Adam Sandler.  If you have seen the movie, you may remember the bathtub scene which Billy ends with “Stop looking at me, Swan!”  If you havn’t seen it, you can view the clip here  There is the origination of my nickname.  It stuck and Mallard has not called me by my real name for quite some time.  People think it’s cute when we are out…little do they know! lol Since I had become “Swan”  I had to have a nickname for my love.  So, Mallard (definition: a male duck), seemed appropriate.  Although it usually gets abbreviated to a lazy speak “M’ard”.

Wednesday is a day that I go to work  extra early and get off work early too!  I love it because I get to hang out with my favorite girl! 

0606091608That’s right, she is handing me a toadstool. 

We had a pretty low-key day.  No matter what day of the week it is, we walk down to one of the ponds in our neighborhood to “feed the ducks”.  In fact, duck, was one of Snuffy’s first words.  We actually saw a female with soem ducklings! But, thanks to the phone cam I have no pic. We saw some very fresh eggs as well


Then, we headed home for some boring snacks.  Snuffy had an old fave.


Mixed with her true love, organic raisins!

0624091622 Hmmm…there should have been a protein source involved.

My snack involved some greens, boca, onions, nutritional yeast


and this deliciousness.  I have a wierd confession: I love the taste of nutritional yeast.  I love it in sauces or just sprinkled on salads or in wraps.  Yum.  Yup, I’m a wierdo!

0624091511 Oh the blurry phone pix! Camera Fairy, where art thou?! 

This weekend will be jam packed so I will post as much as I can.   Snuffy and I are driving to IL for my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary.  I think we will leave Friday evening at her bedtime so that she will sleep on the 5 hour ride. 

 Snuff had to have a new dress for the anniversary.  So, we got one that matches her plaid flip-flops

140049749I love gymboree’s new watermelon plaid collection! Snuff has shorts with the same pattern.

 We will probably stay with my very best friend from way back in high school

DSC00398 This is Becky and I during her visit last year. 

I also have my 5 year high school reunion Saturday night!  I didn’t find out that it was this weekend until this week!

It’s a long story.  But, I bought a new dress for the reunion today!  Luckily, it will go with shoes I already have.

WC4844644_mainand I am super excited to see everyone!! Mallard is letting me borrow his work camera (Shhhhhh!) . So, I will be sure to take lots of pictures! 

Question:  How many of you had 5 year high school reunions?


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3 Responses to “Lazy Days and Ducks”

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AWww, what a great story about the nicknames! I loved the clip, I’d forgotten about that part of the movie.
I had my five year reunion three years ago 🙂 I’m not going to say “oh, I feel old”, because I don’t, but it does seem strange to think my ten year reunion is in only 2 years!! Yikes.

Have tons of fun this weekend 🙂 The pic of your best friend and you is perfect, you both look so giggly and happy!

Hi Jenna – I just e-mailed you back!

Cute dress! And what a cute little family you have (in your “About” section) 🙂

I’m supposed to have my 5-year h.s reunion this year, too, although I haven’t heard anything about it yet. So crazy it’s been 5 years!

I had a 5 year but I couldn’t go 😦 Probably would havw been fun but I lived overseas at the time and it was just to much to go. I love the gymboree dress!!! Take lots of pics of Snuffy in it!! Oh, and I think your nick names are adorable!! I totally know the scene in the movie.

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